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Some places speak distinctly. Certain dark gardens cry aloud for a murder;
certain old houses demand to be haunted; certain coasts are set apart for shipwreck.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

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House Hauntings

Healing Crystals


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What you are watching.
1st Cam and 2nd cams: Due to the strange,
ongoing paranormal activity not only in the
house, but on the grounds I have placed these
infrared night vision cameras outside in hopes
of capturing paranormal/poltergeist activity. The
area just beyond these grounds is said to be the site
of unmarked graves. You can read about it HERE.
See the Videos associated with the House

3rd and 4th Cams: Located on one side
of the yard, and on the front entry way. I have
captured strange goings on in these areas as well,
such as odd figures, and orbs Good luck in your
ghost hunting. It won't take long.

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