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"We don't believe in ghosts, Mrs. Phipps."
"Don't matter if you believe in them or not. If they're there, they're there."
~Joan Lowery Nixon, The Haunting

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House Hauntings

Healing Crystals

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
My area Live Weather/Nature Webcams, and solar flares alert

What you are watching.
1st Cam Is located in the upstairs
hallway where a man has been seen on the
stairs, and an old woman peeking out from
one of the bedroom doors
2nd Cam The stairs leading to the
second floor where a man has been seen
standing. Occasionally you will get a view
of a room off the kitchen have been seen
and recorded: lights, and orbs. See the
Videos associated with the House


3rd Cam Is a view of the basement
stairs which I have recorded orbs, as well
as strange lights, and shadows.
4th Cam Is a view of the basement
where some have seen the images of an
old man, animals, and young children.

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