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The house ghost is usually a harmless and well-meaning creature.
It is put up with as long as possible. It brings good luck to those who live with it.
~William Butler Yeats, The Celtic Twilight

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Live Haunted House Cams Live Haunted House Cams Live Haunted House Cams
Live Haunted House Cams Live Haunted House Cams
[Cams Auto Reload In 5 Seconds]
I find it helps to get the cameras in correct order
if you hit the "Refresh" Button a couple of times.

What you are seeing.
Top left you see a live view of the Kitchen.
I have picked up a small child's voice on the
spirit box in here a few times, and have had
my name called out. As well as things moved.
Top right is a view of the library which has
been seen (read the story in the History of
the House section) an apparition of a young
man in an old time basketball uniform in
which was found actual evidence of
such a happening from the past. Also
poltergeist activity of cabinet doors opening,
and things flipping off shelves.
See the Videos associated with the House


Bottom left is a view of the dining room.
Here a "Shadow Man" has been recorded.
Also voices on EVP's, lights and orbs.
The bottom right is a view of the living room
where an assortment of apparitions have been
seen and heard.

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