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dddavids Ghost Cams 18 LIVE Webcams, A Blog of detailed experiences, and a Vlog of corroborating evidence of Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. A Real Haunted House Live on the Web

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence." - Christopher Hitchens,


These are the latest actual paranormal videos captured in this house,
For more real videos captured here please click on the YouTube Link below.

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Two of the latest Ghostly Video Captures posted on the YouTube Channel.

Below are just 3 pieces of paranormal video evidence of a true
haunting that I have collected from the house and posted on the YouTube Paranormal Vlog Channel.
You will also find the YouTube Link to see the many other Real Paranormal Videos.

Watch more videos on the dddavids GhostCams YouTube channel

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dddavids GhostCams on YouTube

I have found many places online, including on YouTube that have fake paranormal videos, and/or videos claiming to be ghost, or poltergeist. One can easily tell that these videos have been faked, or the people in them are clearly lying. Why do they do best guess would be for the potential of money.
I promise you that anything posted on dddavids Ghost Cams will never be fake. I will only post things after I have examined them, and can find no other earthly explanation other than a potential haunting, or spirit involvement...or worse.

All of us who are attracted to finding real evidence of a haunting owe it to those listening to us to never lie about possible paranormal experiences. It does nothing to promote a true understanding of the afterlife, and what it may hold for us.
Real Paranormal Video Evidence
"I am a cemetery by the moon unblessed."
-Charles Baudelaire