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29 May 2017
It is turning out to be an interesting year so far. not the best, but interesting. A little more expensive, and painful (for me and the dog) than usual, but first a little about other, happier things.
Again I have put in a Moon Garden. I actually began it in 2015, and have been adding to it slowly as I find more plants, and objects to place into it. This year the rain has been good to us, so the watering has been minimal (not so the weeding). Still, I am very pleased with how it is coming along.
I have also been very busy keeping up with the trimming of the bushes in the gardens. Both the one at home, and the one I have behind my downtown building. In addition to those I also trim the bushes at another location, which is why my back hurts a little more than normal this year. Either there is more trimming going on (which is probably the case), or there are more bushes... Much use of the weed eater this year as well.
Wesley, the little Boston Terrier hurt his back this year as well, but a little more than mine. He did the same 2 years ago, and after 3 months on medicine I found out about cold laser therapy for dogs. He was back to normal after 6 treatments, and off his medicine. This time (he is 2 years older) he got a 10 pack treatment, along with his medicine, but he kept re-injuring it, and he seemed to be always in pain. Then one day I read about the Healing Power of Crystals, and I ordered a few online that I thought would help, but in the meantime (that day) I gathered the 3 crystals that I knew I had in the house, and placed them under his bed. Since that day he has not re injured himself, and has become himself again. I have reduced his medicine, and hope he will be off it all together in a week. He did not have to use the back brace that arrived a few days later, which I was sure he would have to. I was truly amazed, and that is why I added the Healing Crystal page to this website. Maybe it was the Crystals, and maybe it was just the faith, but I know that Wesley's healing is real, and he does too. In addition to these Crystals I had placed Wesley's dog tag next to a little wooden cross that was given to me in a frame, and currently have Saint Francis as my background screen on the computer. The hardest part now is keeping Wesley from doing too much. On the bright side (for Wesley) he will be getting his very own dog sofa out of all of this.

18 April 2017
Spring has sprung, and it has seemed to have done it early. I don't know if you have noticed. but I have been bust in the planting beds, weeding, and planting, and transplanting for the new year. If I hadn't seen enough proof of the changing weather patterns already, a few days ago I saw 2 June April!
This year, again, I will be adding more drought tolerant perennials. I don't like spending so much time watering things when I could be working on something else.
This year, as in the past 2 years I will be creating a Moon Garden in the back of the property. It seems to get a little bigger, and better every year so I will be building on that. Besides the fact that it does look good at night.

08 January 2017
I am starting off the New Year with a slight change in the kitchen project. Paint is the easiest way to create a different mood in your environment, and also the least expensive.
I had seen a kitchen similar to mine online that had the same color of cabinets, and the walls were in blue, and it looked very nice.
Always looking for something constructive to do, I thought this would be a good way to start off the New Year. Let's get to it!

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