How many days until Halloween countdown calendar. Countdown until Halloween your host on dddavids Ghost Cams Counting down to Halloween
When witches go riding, and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown
How Many Days Until HALLOWEEN!
Halloween 2023 is on Tuesday, 31st October

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Guaranteed to be enjoyable The Trick or Treat/Halloween Webcam is Live! Don't miss out.

View The Live Halloween/Trick or Treat Cam,
and maybe catch a glimpse of a real ghost.

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I find it helps to get the cameras in correct order
if you hit the "Refresh" Button a couple of times.

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There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch
~Robert Brault

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The Apparition
John Donne (from Songs and Sonnets, 1633)
When by thy scorn, O murd'reuses, I am dead
And that thou think'st thee free
From all solicitation from me,
Then shall my ghost come to thy bed,
And thee, feign'd vestal, in worse arms shall see;
Then thy sick taper will begin to wink,
And he, whose thou art then, being tir'd before,
Will, if thou stir, or pinch to wake him, think
Thou call'st for more,
And in false sleep will from thee shrink;
And then, poor aspen wretch, neglected thou
Bath'd in a cold quicksilver sweat wilt lie
A verier ghost than I.
What I will say, I will not tell thee now,
Lest that preserve thee; and since my love is spent,
I had rather thou shouldst painfully repent,
Than by my threat'nings rest still innocent.

Watch Two of the Latest Real Ghost Stories!

Remember Halloween when you were little, the excitement,
the anticipation of a mountain of candy, the thrill of picking
out what costume to wear that year. That is how it should
always be for kids, because you only get to be a kid once.
Here you can experience that Halloween fun again through
the Live Halloween/Trick or Treat Cam. You can watch the
little ones as they come and go in their costume choice of
the year. If you can't be little again, at least you can still
participate from the comfort of your own home.
The Webcams are Live through out the year for online Ghost
Hunting, and the Halloween Season makes it all the more fun
for the whole family. Who knows...the Ghost, Spirits may even
come out to play. Either way it promises to be great fun! Don't
forget to check out the Christmas Countdown page, ad well as
the Live Victorian Christmas Cam for a taste of the Ghost of
Christmas Past...

All Hallows' Eve
If you love Halloween, you need to thank the Celts in Ireland
3000 years ago. Once harvest, and winter approached the
Celts would ask their Priest, known as Druids, to pray for them.
The most important night of prayers occurred late in fall. The
last day of harvest, and the first day of the dark of winter. On
that night the Celts believed that the boundary between the world
of the living, and the spirit world was unusually thin. So thin that
the souls of the dead could roam freely back and fourth. That
night was enormously important to the Celts, they called it Souen,
gaelic for November. On Souen night only the Celts believed that
those who died in the past year walked the earth once more. To
appease these spirits the Celts would parade out to the edge of
their villages with offerings to try to coax the evil forces away from
their homes. They would leave food and sweets outside as gifts for
the dead. A tradition that would eventually become Trick or Treating.

How many days until Halloween countdown calendar.
Halloween Countdown Calendar Halloween Countdown Calendar
Halloween Walking Skeleton