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dddavids Ghost Cams 18 LIVE Webcams, A Blog of detailed experiences, and a Vlog of corroborating evidence of Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. A Real Haunted House Live on the Web

"The initial trauma of a young child may go underground but it will return to haunt us." - James Garbarino


This is a little bit of news, information, and thoughts provided by myself about me
and the house. It's reason for being online, and what may be to come.

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dddavids Ghost Cams

Ghost Hunting Site Events

Ghost sightings, Ghost hunting, looking for things that go
bump in the night, or day, for that matter. Here you have
that chance 365 days a year all day, and all night.
It's online live ghost hunting at it's finest, and I am here with
you...watching, and waiting! If you could do me a big favor
and also check out the other interesting links, and areas of
the site that I have posted here it would make me very happy.

Real Ghost Hunting TV

There are many areas in the house, and on the grounds
worthy of your spirit hunting skills, and I invite you to join
me in the experience of finding and identifying these lost
souls, whom ever they may be, or have been. There is
always something to do, or something new to see on the
webcams, and in the site as well. I am always adding new
things to keep you interested, and entertained.

Guaranteed to be enjoyable
The Trick or Treat/Halloween Webcam is Live! Stay tuned for more Ghostly updates.
Don't miss out.

I have an interest in many things in this world, and many
of them are displayed within the pages of this extensive
paranormal website, though not all will be paranormal in
nature, all will be fun, and interesting. I will agree though,
the spirits are the most exciting of all.

Real Ghost

You might also keep your eyes open for those Haunted
"Easter Eggs" that I have placed through out the website
for your amusement. They lead to wondrous and surprising
things sometimes. Some of those things you wouldn't have
a chance to see otherwise, and you wouldn't want to miss
out on that!

Live Ghost Hunting TV

In closing, don't forget all the other creepy, crawly,
unnatural, unsettling, unnerving, scary, spooky, strange,
and otherwise other worldly things that are always
waiting to greet you here at - dddavids Ghost Cams.