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It is said a ghost, sometimes known as a specter, entity, phantom or apparition is the soul or spirit
of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.

dddavids Ghost Cams

[Cams Auto Reload In 5 Seconds]

What you are watching.
Congratulations! You have found a very special
Haunted "Easter Egg". It's the Secret Ghost Cam.
It may not always show you the area, but finding it
shows that you are truly interested
in my site, and for that I thank you with a live image
not many will ever see.

What you are seeing:
In this area, among other sightings, a shadow
person has been filmed walking out from the
Library into the kitchen. The Library doorway is
on the left hand side of the camera frame in the
next room from where the camera is located.
The kitchen is through the far doorway at the
end of the image.
When I leave the webcam will be pointed at an
area of the living room where a woman has been
seen looking out the window. Watch for her.
This special Haunted "Easter
Egg" cam location will change from time to time.
Don't forget to look for it!