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dddavids Ghost Cams 20 LIVE Webcams, A Blog of detailed experiences, and a Vlog of corroborating evidence of Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. A Real Haunted House Live on the Web

"The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts." - Italo Calvino


The following are the most often asked questions of things, beings, and happenings associated with this house.
For more real occurrences of paranormal events from the house check out the other Links, and the Live Webcams.

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dddavids Ghost Cams
A paranormal blog
The Frequently Asked Questions.

* Where is the house?
Good answer. Though a few ghost cam portals put me in Missouri,USA or in a theater...nope, not there.
* Who's in the house?
* First Floor: Me, and a Boston Terrier named Wesley
Second Floor: Same as above. The 4 bedrooms are up there.
Basement: Every now and then me.
* What rooms do you see?
Click Here For Cam Views

The 20 Live Cameras
You are getting 4 views of the basement. Cams 1 and 2 are two different views of the basement guestroom aka the "Fun Room".
A family before my time used it for...well just use your imagination, and include S & M, and bondage parties.
Some of the "toys" remain, and the room has been given a Gothic look. The thing that held a persons head and arms is hanging on the wall,along with the swing, leg restraints, breast press, whip, and gun holster. I'm not so sure it was "Fun" for everyone associated with the house.
It was the only really finished room in the entire house when I bought it. Completely wired for phone, electric, cable, and video. Candle wax was all over the place. The really weird part is that this was a family with kids.
The other basement cameras are live views of the other side of the basement including the stairs from both angles, and the the opening to the "Secret" room that I found.
In addition you see the living room,the library, dining room, kitchen.
Upstairs you see the 4 bedrooms. There also 4 cameras on the different staircases in the house, and a special traveling cam if you take the time to search out the "cookies" on the site.
Outdoors are 4 cameras set up to view the site of unmarked graves in the valley down below the yard, as well as the side yard, and front entrance.

* Are the Cameras Live?
* Yes they are, and they are running non stop...24 hours a day...LIVE!
If something should happen to turn them off, don't worry, I will find it soon enough..
* What ghost do you know of in the house?
* The house is a very old 5 bedroom Castle like Victorian, I still have to find out how much before. I have posted the information that I have found so far about the family that lived here in 1916 (some of them, anyway). It can be found in the "files" section of the group under 1stfamily, and 1st family2. Four of which are here. At least that is what I, and a few others think. Those being 2 women, one man, a girl, and a baby...could there be more...sure.
* Before I moved into the house, while working on it, it seemed to be giving me trouble. With that, I mean that it was tough to get a project done...any project that I tried to do. Either the work couldn't be finished for some reason, or if finished...was not right. Or my would disappear (I don't loose tools) of course they would return to where I knew I already looked. There was one day while cutting drywall I put down the knife, and when I needed it again it was gone. I looked all over for it, over and over, and decided to move on to something else. An hour later I found it where I had left it. Then later that day the guy who was working on the upstairs came down and ask if I had seen his knife, and I said "No, but you'll find it an hour later, where you left it." and he the middle of the room.

* During the time I was working, I had lots of time to think about the house, and I kept thinking about two people talking about what I was doing (mother and daughter), and the fact that one (the mother) didn't trust that I was going to do the work right, or follow through with it. I think because of what the house has been through. The owner before me was on his way to taking out all of the original woodwork, etc. Lucky for me he didn't get too far before he lost the house.
Anyway the name Mary is what came to mind, and one day I decided to find out what I could about who had lived here I did my favorite thing, and went online, and found a phone book listing for 1916 which listed at this house Mrs. Mary Ambrosius. At least that's how I think you spell the last name...the notebook that I wrote the name down in, and always keep in the same place is currently not there....funny, huh?
* I have been asked how I sleep here in the house, and I have actually slept very well each and every night, from day one. I have a door that leads to the basement that has glass panels, and from time to time my former dog (Maxwell) would go over and look through, or when he would come in from a walk he would walk over and look. As if he has seen something, but he seemed pretty happy here also. We have a-lot more room, we have big trees, and a whole new garden.

* I haven't had much time to learn about the house, given the fact that so much work has been needed to restore it. I can tell you that each room has, or had very nice woodwork, and a cedar closet in a downstairs room(probably a library, or back parlor). I had a pocket door leaning in the dining room when I got here, and the place that I thought it belonged turned out to have one there, and working already. I found this out when I went to put up the other one (surprise), and one day while putting up an arbor at the end of the front walk (which is flagstone, and I had been thinking should be brick) I was having trouble getting it into the ground, and found that under the flagstone was a brick sidewalk in a herring bone restored. All of this and it's location in the oldest part of town tells me that it was build by someone who had the money to buy the extra things to put into the house.
* There have been times when my name is called out, and no one is here, or once I came home from work and found the T.V. was changing channels by it's self, and it didn't stop until I picked up the remote, and picked a channel...and another time while I was up on the ladder repairing the plaster ceiling in the hallway I heard someone coming down the stairs, they came down to the second landing, but of course there was no one there, the couple who live upstairs were at work, and had no one staying with them... hmmmmm. or the occasional banging.
* A family before my time who lost the house did have a few strange "habits". For one, the locks on most of the interior doors were on the outside, and not the to lock someone in. I suppose it could have been for punishment. Secondly, when I got the house I discovered a "Fun Room" in the basement...also with a way to lock both from the inside or's only finished room down there. Fun Room as in bondage, complete with a board to hold your head and arms, and a few other things that I wouldn't care to mention, or didn't know exactly what they were.
Note that I had talked about a recent family before me, meaning that there were kids too. This family is still alive.
* I have been working on the second floor refinishing the floors, and (my current dog) Wesley has been with me up there, usually finding things to get into that he shouldn't. The other day I was in the bedroom that I use, staining the floor, and Wesley was in the room with the antique baby crib, baby carriage, and assorted other antique baby things. For those who don't know or remember the crib came from next door when they were rehabbing that house (which use to be owned by the son of a family that lived here).
Anyway the family which lived here in the late 18 to early 1900's had two children who died young (I don't know if it was in this house, yet). Well, I heard Wesley kind of growl, bark not loud, just like grrr ruff, grrr ruff. I looked into the room, and he's laying down in front of the crib, and looking up into it, and he kept doing that for a minute or so. There is no doll or toy in the crib so he wasn't trying to get to anything to tear up, or play with.
In short, it just becomes another one of those stories of, just what was happening to make him behave like that???
* I still have much to look up on the house, but as I find out more I will put it in the "files" section..........-david
Just as an interesting aside the house sits about 100 feet from the towns first hospitals though they look just like houses (one for white people, and one for black people, they opened in 1911), and at the entrance to the street which is said to be part of the underground railroad, sits a church that has been there a long while (1907), across the street a school (1914), though sadly they tore down the old one that use to sit there, and at the end of the block a cemetery, where union soldiers are buried, among others. Established 1822, and City Hall a block away with it's own interesting story to tell. You may want to keep in mind while reading the article that, at the time, city hall could be seen from my house, which also had a German family living in it.
* These and more can be found in the "Stories associated with the House" section.
* How do I view the Cams? * Go to dddavids Ghost Cams Homepage, and click on the "GhostCams" Links, or just click on the pictures.
* How do I take pictures?
* Due to the new way the cameras are set up you can no longer right click on a cam image and save it, but you can still save images. To do that follow the instructions below.
To capture a screen shot just center the image of the screen that you want, press "Print Screen" on your keyboard, and open open your "Paint" program then in the upper left corner click on "Paste", then you can choose to "Save As" whatever you want to name it. After you have done it once it's easier, and quicker to do a second and third time.
If the image needs trimmed you can do that later in Paint also. Just right click on the image, wherever you saved it to, click on "edit", and choose "Select" to outline the area of the image that you want to save. It may sound complicated, but after you do it a couple of times it really is easy.
* How do you add pictures to the group(s)?
* must be a member, and signed in. Then click on "photos" in the left hand column. Click on "Create an album" To do that you must give it a name...then you may add your photos. *A word of caution* Watch the cameras over several days first to eliminate sunlight spots (these are not orbs) and glare. Make sure that what you put up you are pretty positive about, and then we will see what you have. On facebook you can just join the page, and share the picture. You can keep an album of your own on your own facebook page.
* How come I don't see any ghost?
I usually have someone post this after viewing the cams for about 10 minutes. I left this on the cam sites message board in response, it may help everyone a little.
You can see in more ways than one. What do you think about when you see the cams? Do you feel past memories? Do you get names, images? Stepping into the house is much like going into the past, style wise. Think about how you feel, and what you feel. This house tends to share glimpses of the past through memories to you. It helps to open your mind, and share what you "see". If you feel strongly that you are getting something, or see shadows, you can post that to the yahoo message board. or a brief message on the website.
* Why did you take my message down from the website?
* That little board that I put on the site is for immediate communication about the subject of this website. You think you saw something, you felt something... I don't use it for chatting to you. I'm like everyone else in that I have a life to live, and am not here at all times. If you have a question go to the "Frequently asked questions" link or the one for "History & Happenings in the House", and read that first. I have probably answered it already.
* Have you had the house investigated?
* Yes, the has been thoroughly gone through by professional paranormal investigators, and deemed haunted. This started even before I moved in. It is through them that I had first learned about the man who has been seen at the top of the stairs on the second floor, and the little girl. This team by the way, has appeared on T.V. for other investigations.
* We are a team of paranormal investigators, can we come to your house and do an investigation?
* That's what I do 365 days a year....
* and now about some of those who have visited the house...
* In the summer of 2006 after I had the banister to the second floor reconstructed it occurred to me to recount some of the misfortunes of those who have visited, or had business in the house...
Of course you have to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist for this...or not. Now I don't know all of the stories, but will tell of the ones that I do know of. Besides them there have been only about a total of 30 others through the house. I think 7 or 8 in my own family. and bad happenings to roughly 4 of those.
Of a group who came to visit upstairs shortly after moving into the house, and ended up coming down to see the it, including "Fun Room", one ended up loosing his job, apartment, and had to leave the area owing a few people money...if there were more stories from that group I haven't heard.
A couple who use to rent a apartment from me downtown here, came for something...I don't remember, and not long after had a fire in their apartment...(candle or cigarette said the fire chief) they weren't hurt but the apartment had to have an extensive clean up. Not much you say, o.k. a girl who had come to watch the son of the guy upstairs while the couple had to work learned that her school in another state had been blown away...gone...not in LA, by the way.
When I had my banister rebuilt last year the wife of the guy in charge stopped by but wouldn't come in because she said the house "gave her the creeps", and the next day she was attacked at work by a fellow employee (this was at a government facility...the guy lost his job). I think it was a week later that the guy in charge of my stair project had to go to the hospital because he thought he was having a heart attack. A few months latter they separated, and are now divorced.
His helper had his girlfriend break up with him during the time they were working on my stairs, and 2 months ago I read in the paper that the police were looking for him in connection with a attempted house break-in...he was considered "armed and dangerous". This was a nice polite kid who cleaned up every mess they made here.
I have mentioned before of my disappearing electrician who worked here for a week, and I couldn't find him again...when he knew I had more work for him to do, and he got paid every day, not just once a week.
As I said these are just interesting things that have happened. I have always been very happy to be here, and always consider myself very lucky...there may be more stories that I haven't heard, and if someone has visited the house, and has a story of their own please feel free to tell always leave out the location.
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