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My Stories...as they happen.
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Previous Hauntings

20 December, 2022
Almost forgot a little story from the other day.
I went upstairs, Winston followed and jumped on the bed. When it was time to go back downstairs I said letís go, and went to the stairs. I heard what I thought was him jumping down off the bed, and was expecting him to come around the corner, but he didnít. When I went to look he was still on the bed. I do know a dog did jump off the bed. 👻

5 October, 2022
Sounded like things being moved around in the basement last night. Checked the cameras, but didnít see anything. The dog now has a habit of going in the laundry room, and looking down the basement stairs every night. He has still never been down there. Not even when I go down.
I was reminded recently that the friend who stayed with me for about a year, down in the basement, died on October 13, 2016.

30 September 30, 2022
Over night ghostly happenings. After a summer of not too much going on, or maybe I was too busy to notice, I had this happen. I usually go to sleep watching a documentary, last night was haunted cemeteries, and I had set the timer on to turn off the T.V. Well, I had turned it back on around 3:30 a.m., and forgot to set the timer, but I did tell Google Home to stop casting to the T.V. after a while. When I got up I noticed the cabinet door was closed, and latched, and it was not me, or the dog who did it. 👻👻 The first photo is how it normally is in the morning, and the second is how I found it this morning.
Ghost closes cabinet door overnight, a haunting

28 March, 2022
Last night: What is haunting the dog? As with the previous dog, this dog finds something disturbing in the corner of the second story bedroom. #paranormal #ghost #spirits Watch the Orb pass by the dog

The Haunted Painting
Haunted Painting of boy
22 March, 2022:
Can you create a haunted painting?
Back story: The subject for the painting was found on the internet. I was looking for someone half in shadows. This was one of the first to come up, and looked to be what I was looking for. After nearing the finish, I thought I would find out who exactly it was. I could not find a name, only associations that it was linked with something not good. It even had a Google warning, but not much information.
When finished, I placed the painting in the living room, then after going upstairs for the night I was awaken by knocks, and knocking from downstairs.
I wonder if I have found someone with a story they want to tell?
Next Night: Sitting in the living room tonight, and another thump coming from the location of the painting. Even the dog turned to look.

30/31 Febuary, 2022:
I guess the spirits felt like the window candles should be on. Watching a documentary about the Black Plague, and they came on. 👻
It didn't stop with the window candles lighting up last night. At 3:33 in the morning there was a tap, tap, tap 3 times on my shoulder. At first I thought it was the dog, but I looked and he wasn't there. He was sleeping. 👻 It did feel more like a finger than a paw.

19/20 January, 2022:
👻Strange Happenings, Making Winston's food, after work last night, he goes in to the laundry room, not once, but twice, and looks down the stairs. He usually doesn't go in there unless I am in there.
Get up this morning, and there is no power in the kitchen. Went down to the basement, and the circuit breaker (for the plugins) was switched off. Also strange because I have GFI plugins in the kitchen, and in the past they just flipped off, and that has happened only twice before.
Also strange because everything was fine, and all lights were off when I went upstairs.

29 December, 2021:
Winston, like Wesley, and Maxwell before him, does not show any interest in going down to the basement, though he follows me everywhere else in the house. He will stand at the top of the stairs, and look down, but will go no further. He even checks it out when I open the door to the room that leads to the basement, but that is it. No basement for him.

17 August, 2021:
Had the door to the hallway leading upstairs open, and I heard a dog climbing them. I called for Winston to come back down, but he was sitting in the kitchen. 👻

19 July, 2021:
∑ We (the new dog, Winston) are still getting use to the place, but I have to say that he has already found something to bark at in the corner of the bedroom where Wesley use to bark at occasionally, and he was not very happy at it's appearance. Lot's and lot's of barking. #Weird

July, 13 2021:
The Old Haunted House once again has another Ghost Hunter. He is a 1 year old, 20 pound rescued Terrier mix. They were not sure of the mix...I'm thinking Boston Terrier, and Raccoon. So far he has shown reluctance to go upstairs, but it is day 1. He does know how to do stairs, because he has been running up and down the stairs outside for the better part of the day. I named him Winston.

Winston the Ghost Hunting Dog

29 March, 2021:
As many of you know, my Boston Terrier Wesley passed away in late December of 2020. This video is being made in hopes of contacting him, Maxwell, my other Boston Terrier, or even possibly Adam, my Cocker Spaniel from days gone by. If you watch closely, I did get some orbs, and streaks of light passing by, especially when talking about them, so I take that as a positive sign they are still around, at least occasionally. Let me know what you think, and/or saw in the comments. Oddly enough, all were 12 years old when they passed away.

Video of a Puppy Spirit

30 December 2020:
As most of you who keep up with thinks know by now, my faithful dog Wesley passed away on the night of December 25 of this year. As most of you also know, energy never dies, and everything living thing is made up of energy, so in some form we all live on.
I have a couple of events which happened so far, as to remind me that Wesley can come around when he pleases.
1st: On the night of his passing, after finally being able to go to bed, and then after some time being able to sleep, I was awaken early in the morning by the sound of him breathing in, and out twice. I knew the sound of his breathing very well, and there was no mistaking it. He had come for a visit. Maybe just to say hi, and let me know he was alright.
2nd: Wesley had a habit of checking the grocery bags that I brought home, and sat on the floor to see what was there. He would stick his head into them, and look around. Yesterday I had gone to the store, came back, and sat the bags on the floor, and I looked, and one of the plastic bags was moving on the top, as if he was looking into it. I watched it, and the others for awhile, and it was the only one with movement. There was no fan on, or air from the furnace blowing. Just one bag moving around.
25 November 2020:
Another Ghost Story
The other night, both the dog and I were asleep, when there was a very hard "push" on the bed. We both woke up, no one in sight. The dog is currently recuperating from an old neck injury which is a reoccurring thing from years back, so he was not very happy. 👻
29 September 2020:
Well, this year has been something to not write home about. Personally for me, it has been a pretty good year, but not so for many others. It's been busy, busy for me like always, and the house has been it's normal self, with the moving of objects, and moans, and the like.
I had not realized until today that last year (20190 was the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Cams on the internet, so I missed that celebration. :( 20 years of entertaining people with all things Ghostly, and some things that are not. It has been fun, and just another thing that keeps me busy, along with taking care of the house, and the gardens, and working. I am now in the midst of decorating for Halloween, and wondering what that will be like this year (Covid-19). I enjoy Halloween anyway, so if nothing else it will be a month of fun for me!
Halloween2020 Halloween2020
9 September 2020:
Came inside from walking the dog last night to hear a lady moan, as if in pain. Nobody there. 👻
Last week we had another of the, dog goes upstairs at night before me, and proceeds to bark at something across the room, episodes again. 👻👻
23 June 2020:
We are Live in the Basement. I was going to do this because the website had been down since last night, but I see it is back up again. I have already set everything up down there so here it is for your viewing pleasure. I apologize for the glasses, but it's dark down there, and I couldn't see to type.

May 2020:
Helpful Ghost Story.
I was filling up a water pitcher today, and got distracted and forgot about it. When I came back I saw that the faucet had been turned off, and the pitcher was full. 👻
6 February 2020 ∑ Doing a little Live Ghost Hunting in the Living Room.

23 October 2019:
I heard a knocking on a door, in the middle of the night, last night. I know it wasn't the front door, because I would have had a recording of it. It was faint enough that it sounded like it was one of the downstairs doors, like the dining room, or the closed pocket door in the living room. I listened for it to happen again, but it did not. 👻
20 February, 2019:
Two of the latest Ghostly Video Captures posted on the YouTube Channel.

30 September 2018:
I have a few ghostly happenings to relate to you.
First, about a week ago I had a bulb go out, or so I thought. I have this little candle lamp I turn on for the dog so he can see his way upstairs at night, because he goes up before I do. When I went to turn it off one night it was out. I thought I had forgot to turn it on, so I turned the switch, but it did not come on. Then I thought the bulb had blown, so I went to unscrew it to replace it, and found that it had been unscrewed already. Hmmmm...

The second story begins with watching an episode of someone else's haunted house 4 nights ago. In the story, they had helpful ghost who would open doors for them, etc. The next day it was chilly outside, and I had come inside, and began doing something in the kitchen, and I noticed that I had left the door open, and it was now getting cold inside. I remembered the show from the night before, and thought I would try it out, so I said "Could you please close the door", and it began to close, but stopped about 4 inches still open. I then said, "Thank you, but it's not closed all the way..." It then slowly closed the rest of the way. Again I thanked them very much.
Lastly was just today. I was on the couch watching TV, and the dog had been up there also, but I saw him walk across the floor. I thought it was him until I realized that he was still on the couch. Could it have been the spirit of my former dog? Happy Haunting!
26 March 2018:
I have a strange little story for you. It was this past Saturday morning, and when I woke up, my neck hurt on the right side. When I went to work, it hurt bad enough that I had to take 2 ibuprofen for it. When I got home Wesley's neck was also stiff, also on the right side, and I had to give him his medicine for it. Odd that it happened to the both of us at the same time. To my knowledge we had not done anything for the pain to appear. It just did.
06 January 2018:
Google Home Mini in the Old Haunted House:
I wonder if ghost learn things? I was sitting at my computer (in the Library) this morning, and I heard Google Home (in the kitchen) say "I didn't understand what you said?", Then it said "I can't help you find what you are looking for." For those of you who don't know, Google responds to the sound of your voice. When you set it up, it has you repeat 2 sentences over a few times so it knows what your voice sounds like. I don't know who was talking to Google, or what they were looking for, but I know it wasn't me.
05 January 2018:
Another year has flown by already. I have to apologies for neglecting this page. I seem to find it easier to Tweet about the occurrences, or put them on Facebook, than to post them here, I will try to be better at that this year...
I do have an story from the other night. Nothing earth shattering, but just something to say, yes the spirits are still here, and active.
The dog and I had gone upstairs for the night, and this was one of those nights when Wesley was restless, and would not lay down. he then looked across the room, and began barking. Starring at nothing I could see, but he was not happy. It took awhile before he settled down for the night. I guess he was not going to lay down until he got them to leave.
24 May 2017:
On January first of this year a man died who was one of those who had most recently lived in this house (he rented it). Maybe this is the reason the house has been seeing a little turmoil this year. He had lived here for a very long time with his wife and son, and then his grandchildren. His son bought the house (bond for deed), and the man moved out to his mothers house when she died. His son lost the house when he quit making payments, and that is when it was offered to me by the owner. I knew this man, and if he has come back to see the house, it may be that he would not be so happy this it is I who bought the house. Just something to think about, and probably do an investigation of.
10 January 2017:

Moving Angle Moving Angle
For the past month, or so, I have noticed this angle has been turning towards the wall. There is nothing new, or different in it's placement, than there has been in the past several years. It has sat in the same place. The only difference is that now I will walk by occasionally, and see it has been turned towards the wall. I guess it goes along with the other things that have been moving in the house lately.
09 January 2017:
I have found another inhabitant of the house who died here. This time it is Mrs. Clara Marie Franck who died of peritonitis on August 30 1918. Peritonitis is inflammation of the peritoneum ó a silk-like membrane that lines your inner abdominal wall and covers the organs within your abdomen ó that is usually due to a bacterial or fungal infection. Peritonitis can result from any rupture (perforation) in your abdomen, or as a complication of other medical conditions.
Mrs. Clara Marie Franck August 30 1918
Mrs. Clara Marie Franck August 30 1918
My Stories...as they happen.
Frequently Asked Questions
One of the Latest Videos on the YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe to the Channel HERE for more as they are posted.
22, December 2016:
It's one of those mornings when I smell cigar smoke in the house again. This time it seems to be coming from the basement. I guess everyone wants to be part of the Holidays.
16, December 2016:

curtain in bedroom mirror in bathroom shelf and bottle
I had an interesting experience last night. Wesley (the dog), and I were upstairs in the bedroom, and I looked across the room, and noticed the sheer curtain on one of the windows had fallen. The rod for the curtain is held up by two hooks, so I thought it was strange that it would fall, but I went over and fixed it. When I got back into bed it fell again. I went back over and put it back up on the hooks, and the dog sat up on the bed, and stared across the room for the next 10 minutes... How a curtain rod could lift up off the hooks, and fall is a little odd, but it has also never done this in the many years that it has hung there.
This has not been the only thing falling lately. In the above photos you can see the room with the curtain, Then there is the mirror that fell the other day. I was not at home at the time, but I found it on the floor beneath the spot that it hangs. It did not break, but it was on the floor. and in the final photo is the shelf that after years of being in the same spot all of the sudden I find it tilting to the right. The bottle atop the telephone fell this morning as well. I guess we are currently being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past again.
1, December 2016:
Had an iron cross move in the living room yesterday. There is a heavy iron cross that sits on the coffee table, and yesterday when I walked into the living room I noticed that it had shifted it's position from where it normally sits. the first 2 photos is where it shifted, and last 2 where it is normally.

iron cross where it was moved to iron cross where it was moved to iron cross in it's regular place iron cross in it's regular place

4 November, 2016:
Things are moving in the house. They are not moving far from their place, just a little. Just enough to notice they have moved. Take this Vase for example, it always sits in the corner on the floor in the downstairs bathroom. I notice yesterday when I walked in that it had moved, as you can see. Not a great amount of distance, but I was did not move it, and I know the dog did not. As I said in the beginning, this is not the only thing moving.
Below you will see the 2 photos of the vase that moved. vase in it's regular place vase where it was moved to.

vase in it's regular place vase where it was moved to
18, July 2016:
I walked into an unused bedroom in the house the other day and found this hand print was left on the bed cover. I should point out that it is only myself, and the dog in the house, and I had had no visitors, of the earthly type, anyway.

04 May 2016:
Awaken about 4 in the morning by the sound of footsteps moving quickly across either the hallway, or one of the other two upstairs bedrooms along the hallway. After that, all was quiet again.
08 January 2016:
A Female spirit in the downstairs bathroom???
I came downstairs this morning, and when I went into the bathroom I found the toilet seat, and lid both in the down position.
You may remember that happening last year with the bathroom on the second floor. In fact I looked it up, and it was also in January, but on the 23 of the month (It happened on the14 of April 2015 as well) . At that time I had said that I never leave them down. In this latest case I had used this bathroom just prior to going upstairs for the night, so I do know that both the lid, and the seat were up. Friendly reminder from the feminine past I suppose, but was it technically a ghost, or poltergeist?
Here is the definition a Poltergeist: This is a German word meaning "Noisy Ghost." If you are in the presence of a poltergeist, you will know because this type of ghost can physically move, throw, smash, or misplace objects. These ghosts can move objects to draw your attention, scare you, or just be mischievous and play tricks on you by moving something so you can not find it. This is also commonly confused with telekinesis in which someone can move something with their mind, without physically touching the object. Who knows...

Previous Hauntings

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the Latest Videos on the YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe to the Channel HERE for more as they are posted.