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23 November 2015:
While working on the Christmas decorations outside today, I heard a ladies voice say "Well". It sounded like she was pleasantly surprised, but when I turned to see who it was, no one was there. Very strange, but at least she sounded happy.
20 August 2015:
Woke up just before 2 a.m. to the sounds of many, many children laughing, and playing in the room next to mine. Wesley was awake as well. It went on until I got up, and then it stopped. Very strange indeed, I had never heard that many children in the house before. It sounded like they were having quite a good time.
12 June 2015:
A strange thing happened the night before last. Wesley and I were just finishing up our nightly walk. We are coming back to the house, and when we get to the front, he starts barking, and barking at something, or someone in the middle of the street. I see nothing, but the hair on his back is raised up, and he just keeps barking. He wants to go to the middle of the street, and I have to pull him back. Very weird.
05 June 2015:
While working on old recipes for the
Vintage Blog this morning, and I look around to see that all 3 of the clocks in the kitchen have stopped. 2 were battery operated, and one was electric. I guess someone didn't want me bothered by time. I could see one of the battery operated clocks stopping, or maybe even two on the same day, but the electric one as well? Strange.
16 May 2015:
It has been a while since I have had something disappear, only to reappear later, but that is what happened to me the other day. The difference this time is the amount of time it took to reappear, and the amount of effort I put into finding it. It was about 2 weeks ago, and the item was my electronic cigarette. It was one of those days that I had been everywhere in the house, as well as outside working in the gardens. I had noticed when I was going up to the 2nd floor that I didn't have my e-cigarette. I always keep it in my pocket, but I thought I had left it on the desk in the Library downstairs. I went upstairs to another desk up there do do a little work on the computer, and when I came back down I went to the first desk to get mu e-cigarette, but it was not there. I looked around the house, I even went back up to the 2nd desk to look there, but I could not find it.
It dawned on me that I must have dropped it outside, so off I went to look for it in all the places that I thought I had been, but it was nowhere, or at least I could not see it.
The next day I looked for it again, in all the same places...the first desk, the second desk, inside and outside, but still could not find it. I did this for a few days, and decided that it was time to buy a new battery. I still had one, but it's a little tough to be caught with a dead battery, and the need for nicotine... I then forgot about the e-cigarette until a couple of days ago.
Each day, at least once in the morning, and once at night I have to visit the desk up on the second floor. I switch a camera to another view in the day, different to that of one at night, I also turn on a light on that desk at night. It was at a time when I was switching one of the cameras that I looked down, and right next to the camera plug-in (the one that I switch every day) I saw my lost e-cigarette sitting next to it. I know that It hadn't been sitting there all that time, because there was no way I could have missed it. I mean that it was right next to the very plug-in that I had been switching every day since I lost it. In fact it was sitting right between the lamp on the desk, and the camera plug-in.
As I said in the beginning of this tale, it was the longest that something of mine has gone missing in the house. Something that I needed, anyway. Who knows how many things there could be that I am not concerned about, or looking for...
14 April 2015:
For the 2nd time in less than 3 months this same strange event has occurred. The only difference from the first time is that it happened at some point during the day, instead of at night. I went to the 2nd floor, walked into the bathroom, only to find the seat, and lid were down on the commode. If you didn't get to read the story from the first time it happened, or you have forgotten, let me state again that this is not something that I ever do. The seat, and lid are always up...unless there is a reason that I have to stand on it, and there wasn't that day. Bathroom specters, that's a scary thought.
08 April 2015:
Loud Noises
I did have a strange occurrence last night around 11 p.m. First while in the kitchen I heard a loud noise in the house. I thought maybe Wesley had fallen off the couch, or knocked something over, but no, that did not happen. About a minute after that I heard a really loud crash. I was sure that something large had fallen somewhere in the house, but I looked everywhere, on all 3 floors, and found nothing. I even looked around outside, expecting to find a tree had fallen, but no...nothing there.
09 Feburary 2015:
Shadow Alert!
Today while I was on the 2nd floor putting laundry into the washer I saw a shadow person move past me. At first I thought it was the dog, but I didn't hear his clicking toenails on the floor, and when I went to look for him he was coming out of the upstairs bathroom.
Area where a shadow passed by me.

Area where a shadow passed by me. Haunted
This is a room that I am currently working on...painting, rearranging, and restoring that "old feel" that it should have. I wouldn't say that it scared me, since at first I thought it was Wesley, but in hindsight it did pass by very close. That's a little creepy.
23 January 2015:
A Female spirit in the upstairs bathroom???
I awoke this morning, and like most people the first thing is a trip to the bathroom. Only this time it was a little different. When I walked into the bathroom the seat, and lid to the commode were down. While some people may be in the habit of doing that, I never do. It may stem from the fact that I don't like touching them, but never the less, it is not something that I do. One may think, well maybe you were temporarily insane the day before, but just that day before I had wiped off the rim of the bowl with disinfecting wipes. Not the entire toilet, just the rim of the bowl itself, and to do that the seat, and lid would have to be up. I realize that is is just my word, but I assure you, my word has always been good enough for me. :)
It should also be noted that I am in the process of changing 2 rooms around up stairs, and re-painting/re-decorating one of them.
24 December 2014:
When I got home tonight, and opened the door to the living room there was the smell of cigar smoke in the air. No one smokes in the house. I guess someone has come to celebrate the holidays.
22 November 2014:
I had a interesting "First" happen tonight. I had just come in from outside with the dog, and this cabinet door opened on it's own. Like most cabinets, it has a latch which holds it shut, and it does take a little effort to open it. Meaning that it just does not swing open at will. As I said, it was a first, in the kitchen anyway. The cabinet holds, among other things, baking items. Maybe someone was in the mood for a little seasonal baking. :)
Haunted Cabinet
Haunted Cabinet
2 September 2014:
What I am about to relate to you is a first since I have been in the house, but then again...so many of these happenings are. It happened sometime after the dog and I had gone upstairs. I always shut the door leading to the stairway behind us after we have gone up for the night. This is for a couple of reasons.
1. If I have the Air Conditioning, or Furnace on upstairs, I want to keep the cool/warm air up there.
2. It keeps the dog from wandering all over the house at night.
This door has an old locking mechanism attached to the door knob, and it does work, though I have never locked it. If you look at the pictures below, you will see that you have to push the lever over to the right to lock the door. This is not a lever that can just fall over in to the locked position, meaning that you have to physically move it with your fingers.
This morning when the dog and I were ready to go downstairs I couldn't open the door. I thought it had become stuck during the night, and I kept pulling on it, but it wouldn't open. Then it occurred to me to check the lock. It took a few seconds to find it, given the fact that I never use it, and it was dark in the hallway. It was indeed locked. I don't know how, I don't know why, but it was locked...
See the pictures below.
old door knob

old door knob
old door knob lock
old door knob lock
24 August 2014:
Strange times in the house. If you read the previous posting on the 19th of August you will see a mention of the house not being quite right. In keeping with that thought, also the other day I was taking a series of photos in the house, and when I went through them later I found what looked like a devil face in one of the photos. It is in a photo of a painting that I have. Could this be the cause of the unsettling times in the house as of late? Personally, I thought it was time for a
House Cleansing Ritual
Watch the video for yourself, and see what you think.

19 August 2014:
It happened this past Friday, and though I was home I still cannot figure out what happened, but Wesley my Boston Terrier somehow hurt his back, or neck, or legs... As I say, I cannot figure out what, but he was one unhappy dog. On Saturday morning he was very bad off, only going outside to go to the bathroom when I carried him out. He was on aspirin for dogs, but Sunday morning he still was not better. I decided after I got home from work Sunday afternoon to do a whole first floor cleaning. I do this from time to time when it feels that there is something not so nice moving about the living spaces in the house. You could call it evil, or a darkness, or just an uneasy feeling. It took a few hours of sweeping, dusting, and floor washing. All the while I has a candle burning to also ward off that which may have not so nice things on their mind, and when I was done I went into the library, and sat down at the computer. After a while in walked Wesley, sitting down next to me. He is still not totally himself, but I think I did him a little bit of good. Remember...if your house doesn't feel right it doesn't hurt to do a good cleaning.
31 May 2014:
Footsteps upstairs. I happen to be in the downstairs bathroom when I heard the sound of footsteps directly upstairs from me. This would be in the attic area directly off the "Dead Baby Room", that's what I call it. It's the room with the antique baby things. I went up there, but I couldn't find a reason for the sounds.
21 May 2014:
Visited by the phantom dog again. I was preparing meatloaf in the kitchen (my very first), and I heard the sound of a dog walking on the floor. You know the sound their toenails make on tile, and I turned around expecting to see Wesley, but he was not there. I thought maybe he just left the room, so I went into the dining room, but again, no Wesley. I found him asleep on the couch in the living room. I just wish I knew which dog it was. On a side note, the recipe for the Meatloaf will be in the Recipes, Page 3.
25 April 2014:
In another example of the spirits haunting the house, and their attention getting ways is from last night. First off...It was a dark and stormy night, of course. I had come in the door, and greeted the dog like always, and while we were playing I heard something fall. It sounded like it had come from the basement, so I went into the library and brought up the cameras on the computer, just in case someone had broken in. I didn't see anyone in the basement so I went down to look in person. Nothing there, so I went back to the first floor, and checked every room...nothing. Then I went to the second floor, and again I found nothing. The Ghost were having fun I guess.
16 April 2014:
A Spirit may be Haunting the dog... Something odd has been happening lately when the dog and I go upstairs at night. Normally when it's time to go up for the night the dog runs up the stairs, goes to my bedroom, jumps on the bed, and waits for me. For the last 4 or 5 days he goes up and stops at the doorway to that bedroom. not going in until I do. This is the room where, at night, he will occasionally bark at something in the corner of the room as seen
That camera (Cam 7) is usually on in the daytime, but I may start leaving it on until we go up for the night. Very strange...
18 February 2014"
I might have a ghost dog, or a dark little ghost something.
I was in the kitchen tonight, and saw what I thought was Wesley peek around the corner, so I said "Hi Wesley", I looked again and he was gone. I went looking for him and he was sitting under a desk in another room. He couldn't have gotten there that fast, so I don't know what it was. I suppose it could have been my previous dog, Maxwell, come in for a visit. He and Wesley are the same breed, and Maxwell did live here for the first 4 years I was in the house, before he passed. It was either that, or I have a dark little something running around.
05 Feburary 2014:
Paranormal Investigation of the "Cold Room".
I have Posted a new
paranormal video from an investigation in the "Cold Room" with some interesting EVP's, and Orb's/White apparitions.
You can find all of the videos
I also have a little story about a pair of scissors that I have. It's about how they went missing for several days and then came back! They disappeared about a week ago from the drawer I keep them in the kitchen, and I looked all over for them, but today they reappeared -in the drawer in the kitchen... Darn little ghosts!
06 January 2014:
Happy Haunted Paranormal New Year to you!
Why not start out a new year with a new investigation. One of the more pressing spots in the house currently seems to be the corner of my bedroom upstairs where the dog (at least in the past year) is known to occasionally bark for no reason at all. I will remind you that I have a dog that rarely barks. Loud noises do not bother him. He is just not easily upset by things. I decided to do this video after the other night when he was again barking, and the hair on the back of his neck was raised up.

Take a look and see what you think.
The second interesting occurrence that has happened so far this year, and this is is only the 6th of January, is told in a photo from another bedroom upstairs. In front of a laptop I keep there to run a camera, is a doll that I had bought from a woman who did not want it in her house. Her grandmother had played with is as a child, so I did think it was odd that she would not want to keep it, but slowly I am understanding why... From time to time I find that, though I close up the laptop at night, I will find it open in the morning. At first I thought I was forgetting to close it, but then I started to pay more attention to it, and sure enough, it does re-open seemingly by itself, at times.


31 August 2013:
Saturday morning I had gotten up, came downstairs, and I usually have enough coffee left over from the previous day to warm up one cup as I am waiting for the coffee maker to make a fresh batch. So I set my coffee cup in the microwave to warm it up. I then went into the living room to turn off the window lights, and when I came back into the kitchen I find a second empty coffee cup sitting next to the microwave...Mine was inside where I had put it???
08 August 2013:
This incident happened on the same day as the previous photo, and I was still sitting at the computer about 2 feet away when I heard the red pillow fall. Wesley usually does that when he is on the loveseat, but about 15 minutes latter Wesley came into the room, jumped onto the love seat, and knocked off the pillow...I hadn't picked the pillow up from the first time I had heard it fall...
While sitting at my computer this candle dish sitting on a bookshelf directly behind me flipped over and fell 5 feet without breaking, but spilling all of it's contents. all over the floor.

Since these two incidents are a little more active than the norm I feel that I should again point out that I do not make these happenings up. They are not fake. I only report them as they are...as they happen.
10 July 2013:
I heard a loud bang in the house? The dog ran in from the living room. Don't know what it was. Someone on the facebook page mentioned that a loud sound such as that signifies that a spirit has entered the house. That's funny because latter that night when the dog and I were in my upstairs bedroom he suddenly sits up on the bed and begins to bark at nothing at all.
09 June 2013:
Just felt & heard 2 knocks under my feet coming from the basement room below.
26 May 2013:
Today I was watching the news, and Wesley wanted to go outside, so out we went. When I came back in I noticed there was no sound coming from the television, but a commercial was on, so I thought it was just in the commercial. When the news came back on there was still no sound. I picked up the remote, and it seems that the T.V. had muted itself. I had to turn the mute button off to get the sound to resume. Weird... 05 May 2013: I heard what sounded like a young child running across the floor in the room above me. I was sitting in the living room, and it would have been in the bedroom directly above me. I went up, but found nothing.
28 September 2012:
Two days ago while I was sitting at the computer in the library downstairs I heard "knock, knock, knock, knock...". So I got up to answer the door. On my way out of the room I notice Wesley, who is at the entrance to the room has not heard the knocking, and I'm thinking "Why didn't they ring the doorbell, or knock on the door?" My outer door is glass, and the sound I heard was from knocking on the wall.By the time I got to the door and saw no one was there, I realized that the sound was from knocking on the wall, or from knocking on the floor from upstairs.
20 September 2012:
I received the Spirit Box a few weeks ago, and have played with it a few times, but not for very long as I have been to busy to dedicate much time to it. It works by scanning very quickly through radio stations, so what you hear is sound bits of each station as it goes through...too fast for an entire word, if they are talking. Yesterday I was cooking in the kitchen (I usually just microwave something since that's faster), and since I was going to be there for a while I turned on the Spirit Box, As it's going through it's scan I hear a little kid say "Daddy". I thought that was kind of odd, but I wasn't going to say anything about it, because I thought I might have just imagined it. A few minutes pass by when the same little kid voice says "Daddy" again.
23 August 2012:
Just a little strange: I have an under the cabinet light that decided to work when it wanted to. Meaning that you would switch it on, and eventually it would come on. I grew tired of that so yesterday I unplugged it to take it down and see if I could fix it. While taking it down it flashed light at me, mind you I had unplugged it. when I got it down I plugged it in, and it worked. I kept switching it off and on, and it still worked, so I put it back up. Got home last night and it worked great...today were back to not so great. On a side note I had all of the downstairs newly rewired when I bought the house.
21 August 2012:
Yesterday I opened the closet door in the library, and the dog stood in the doorway to the room growling. I got my EMF detector out, but it didn't really register anything abnormal. I've now had two Boston Terriers, and they are not really growlers, in fact they hardly even bark.
14 August 2012:
I'm in the living room about 2:20 p.m., and the phone rings, but it's the land line that I had disconnected over a year ago. I answer it, and a girl ask if this were the local school district? I say no, and she hung up. I then call from that phone to where I work and ask if they noticed the number that I am calling from. The guy said he saw the first 3 numbers (local), and the name of the town was the ID. I check the phone again and there's no dial tone. Why did I leave it plugged in, you ask? It's a reproduction hand crank phone that hangs on the wall in the kitchen. After it was disconnected I just left it as it was. By the way...the first day of school was the day before.
28 January 2012:
Adjacent to my bedroom is another bedroom who's double doors I keep locked at night. I was awaken this morning by a knock on those doors.
10 January 2012:
Two nights ago while making dinner I heard a dog bark in the house...and again the following night also while making dinner, but it wasn't my dog. Each night it barked just once. It was the sound of a larger dog.
10 November 2011:
Just heard the sound of glass breaking, and I can't find the broken glass. I've looked upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, checked all the windows, and every corner 3 times, and the broken glass eludes me. I even went outside...no broken glass anywhere.
19 October 2011:
I was awaken last night by 4 faint rapping sounds (knock, knock, knock, knock). It sounded like it came from the door that leads to the stairs, it was closed. I listened, but heard no more.
11 September 2011:
I came downstairs this morning and found the coffee pot had been turned on....again. Some of you might remember this happening before. So did I, so I looked it up, and it was last year on Sept 2nd that I had posted this same thing occurring. The difference is now I have a different coffee pot, You still have to turn it on by pushing the switch (no timer). I found it interesting that it was almost exactly a year later.
9 September 2011:
Just wanted to mention a couple of things that happened yesterday. I'm not passing judgement on them, but still I wanted to put them into the record. First, early yesterday morning (5:30 a.m.) both the dog and I were awaken by what sounded like something falling in the stairway (I say there because the sound seemed to echo). I listened, and didn't hear anything else so I went to the hallway and turned on the light to the stairway )in case someone were breaking in), turned it back off, and went back to bed. When I got up I looked around the stairs, and the rest of the house thinking I would find something that had fallen, but I didn't.
Second: I have a bathroom off the kitchen, and when I leave for work I shut the door because Wesley likes to grab the towels and chew on them. Now he can reach up, turn the knob, and go in, but it's usually works on the "Out of site, out of mind" theory. Last night I got home from work, and saw a towel on the kitchen floor, so I knew he had been in the bathroom, but when I looked at the bathroom door it was shut. As I said, he can open the door (it opens in), but I really don't know how he would be able to pull the door shut?
29 October 2010:
A story for the Eve of Halloween Eve. I hat gotten home after work last night it was about 10:30, and I went upstairs to turn down the bed. After that the dog and I usually eat. As I got to the top of the stairs I caught a glimpse of the bottom of a dark shadow going into the last bedroom on the right. I say "Dark" because it was blacker than a shadow would be. I only saw the bottom because I was looking at the floor coming up the stairs. I didn't see feet, just a dark shape moving into the room. I went into my bedroom to get my digital voice recorder, but it was having problems so that was no help.
20 October 2010:
The night before last I had just gotten home from work and saw that Wesley (who had previously chewed through a camera wire), had pulled apart the splice where I had once again fixed the camera. While fixing it I had the cameras up on the computer screen so I could adjust a camera, and had come into the library (where the computer was) to see if I had the angle right. When I looked at the screen I saw a figure entering the same room that I had just come in to. I thought it was me, and the camera was delayed (even though they are in real time). So I tried it 4 more times, and did not see it again. So, was it me, or someone following me...a very creepy thought.
28 September 2010:
At about 2:30 p.m. I had just let the dog out, and came back in to get the bird seed for the birds, and I heard a Lady talking. I had no radio or T.V. on, and it stopped when I got into the back door. It didn't come from outside. It sounded close enough to be from across the room, or in the very next room. I couldn't make out what was said.
2 September 2010:
Two mornings in a row I found the coffee pot had turned on before I had made any coffee... You have to press the button down for it to come on. It's not equipped with a timer. It's kind of like when the fan turned off. The first time it could have by some chance been me, but the next morning??? As I said I had not even got the coffee ready.
20 July 2010:
During The Night... Upstairs, before I go to sleep I always turn on the overhead fan, and an oscillating fan off to the side of the bed. Last night I went to sleep about midnight, then woke up at at around 1:30. I decided to go to the bathroom, but before I did I turned on the T.V. When I came back into the room the fan was off. I thought I had forgotten to turn if on ...so I did. It has 3 levels, Hi, Medium, and Low. Meaning, I always turn it 3 times to get to low. Which I did, and went back to bed. When I got up at 6:00 this morning I went over to turn the fan off, and it was already off. I turned the knob to see if it had just stopped working, but it came on. It had been turned all the way over into the off position.
15 July 2010:
The other night Wesley (my Boston Terrier) was on the bed upstairs and I noticed he was looking at the opposite side of the room. There is a couch that sits there. His eyes were moving around as if to look at something, but there was nothing there. I sat on the bed in front of him, and he looked around me. I waved my hand in front of him, and he still looked at the couch??? Eventually we went downstairs...it was time to eat.
On a side note: This morning, Wesley's right eye was shut. I'm not sure what it is, but when I got him they sent him home with eye medicine. I assume it's allergy related. So when it happens I just put the stuff in his eye. At the same time I notice a little pain in my right eye. When I looked in the mirror one side of the eye was bloody. Probably from a scratch, but it was just weird we both had it on the same morning...in the same eye.
18 May 2010:
I have posted below 2 pictures of something that happened this morning when I was out of the house. It is of a candle that sits in a metal pedestal on the coffee table in the living room. In the first picture is how it normally sits, and the second picture is of how I found it when I came home. I know that it wasn't the dog because I close the pocket door to the room when I leave. I have learned that he is still too young to be trusted with the antique things. If you notice it looks as if the candle was picked up, the base placed on the floor, and the candle set back down on the table...minus the base.

candle candle

While I was on the couch watching T.V.it shut off by it self. Just to explain how odd this was. The power in the house didn't shut off nor did I hit the remote by accident...Wesley ate the remote some months ago, and when I want to turn the T.V. off I have to do it the old fashioned way...walk over to it and turn it off by hand.

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