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It is said a ghost, sometimes known as a specter, entity, phantom or apparition is the soul or spirit
of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.

dddavids Ghost Cams dddavids Ghost Cams
dddavids Ghost Cams dddavids Ghost Cams
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House Hauntings

Healing Crystals

What you are watching.
On the top left you will see the "Long past" baby
room showing a view from an upstairs bedroom
Also known as "The Cold Room" since it is always
cooler than the other rooms upstairs. Here have
been heard the sounds of children scampering,
and jumping on the floor, as is the case from one of
the other bedrooms upstairs. I have caught children,
and a baby crying on an EVP in this room. I also
recorded a man who did not seem to be so happy.
This was also one of several rooms in the house
that had locks on both sides of the door.
See the Videos associated with the House


I assume that this room was for the younger
children at some point due to the type of activity.
Therefore you see in it the trappings of children's
things to honor those children of the house who
passed too soon.

The bottom Left Cam I have recorded EVP's of
a woman saying "Go", and in another when ask
how many were in the room, responded with
the number 8. Other noises, EVP's, as well
as things falling from the walls have also been
experienced in this room.

The bottom right cam you will see a view
of a upstairs bedroom during the day where
the dog will occasionally bark at the corner
of the room. Many orbs have been captured
here as well as EVP's, and shadows.
At night is a bedroom upstairs adjacent to
the arore mentioned bedroom. Here have
been heard knocks on the door coming from
the inside of the room among other noises.

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