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dddavids Ghost Cams LIVE Webcams, A Blog of detailed experiences, and a Vlog of corroborating evidence of Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. A Real Haunted House Live on the Web

Paranormal Recipe: Take a boy and his dog, add a Real Haunted House, and Live Web Cameras. Shake well! Its Free!
Welcome to the Live Ghost Hunting Webcams!
Join me in a Paranormal journey including:
LIVE Webcams/Ghost Cams. A Blog of actual
detailed experiences, and Paranormal Vlog of
corroborating evidence we have collected which
includes Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all
things from the other side.

dddavids GhostCams

What gentle ghost,
besprent with April dew,
Hails me so solemnly
to yonder yew?
~ Ben Jonson

Oh, monstrous! Oh, strange!
We are haunted.
~ William Shakespeare

You can choose to enter from your PC, Tablet,
or Mobile Phone.

cam1, a real haunted house cam2, a real haunted house cam3, a real haunted house cam4, a real haunted house
Warning: This is a real Haunted House,
and there is a distinct possibility of seeing,
or feeling things that may be very
disturbing to you.

cam7, a real haunted house cam8, a real haunted house cam9, a real haunted house cam10, a real haunted house
I hope you have fun during your visit.

from your PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone

Never open the door to a lesser evil,
for other and greater ones invariably
slink in after it. ~Baltasar GraciŠn

One of the many Videos that you
will find on the
YouTube Site

Before me floats an image,
man or shade,
Shade more than man,
more image than a shade;
For Hades' bobbin bound
in mummy-cloth
May unwind the winding path;
A mouth that has no moisture
and no breath
Breathless mouths may summon;
~ W.B. Yeats

Live Ghost Cam TV, Live Ghost Hunting

Through Your Choice of Screen Size.

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PC & Tablet Site

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Mobile Phone Cam Site

The Live Ghost Hunting Webcams
run 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
It is my hope that by viewing, you will help
me in my quest of capturing evidence of a
haunting, of spirits, of shadow people, of
the paranormal. All things strange, unusual,
and things that can't be explained. I also
have posted many related, and interesting
Links that you will also enjoy.
Houses seem to remember, said he.
Some rooms oppress us with a sense
of lives that have been lived in them.
~Emma Frances Dawson

David's Ghost Hunting's Interesting Links:

True Ghost Stories

The Most Haunted Places in the World

Britain's Most Terrifying Ghost Stories

Live ghost, spirit, paranormal haunted cams, Real ghost hunting in a real haunted house.

Live ghost, spirit, paranormal haunted cams, Real ghost hunting in a real haunted house.

These Live Haunted Webcams are set up in a
very old Castle like Victorian House for the
purpose of capturing evidence of a haunting, of
spirits, of the afterlife. The public is encouraged to
view, and post captures, and experiences of events
in the Yahoo or facebook Sites. You may re-post
and share the photos you capture with your other
favorite Ghost Hunting sites.

Serving the Public Since 1999
All contents on this site (dddavid's GhostCams ©)
and the Yahoo group are property of david.
aka dddavid ©, aka dddavid's GhostCams ©,
and cannot be reused elsewhere without express
written consent.

About this site:
The House is real. The ghost are real.
A portal to Hell??? dddavids GhostCams is one of
the original and one of the best Live ghost cam,
paranormal websites, and paranormal blogs on the
net. Featuring the Live Webcams (ghost cams).
The site has been running continually since 1999.
It's constantly updated blog of real paranormal
happenings from inside the house inhabited by
disembodied spirits of the deceased is located
within the website, and it's Vlog of paranormal
happenings caught on tape is located


Believed to be infested with many ghost/spirits
and even a few demons??
A possible portal to Hell.
Warning, this is a real haunted house.
Topics include: the
constantly updated paranormal happenings in
this Historic Castle like Victorian Haunted
House with orbs, and shadows seen on the
live haunted paranormal webcams, along with
spirits, real ghost footage, documented
hauntings, very haunted gardens with .
unmarked graves just beyond in the live outdoor
cams We attempt to talk to the dead, see spirits,
poltergeist. The house, in some parts Gothic, is
very old with subjects including the undead,
demons, demonic, afterlife, dearly departed.
Halloween, of course, is the most fun, with the
addition of spooky, scary things. We also share
photos with , orbs, shadow people, graveyards,
cemeteries of the forgotten, the handmade Ouija
board for a seance, and we're here 365 days a
year for all to enjoy. Always free.

House Cleansing and purification ritual
House Cleansing Ritual
Do you feel you are cursed?
Are there times when you are sure that
things are always going wrong for you?
Times when everyone else seems to
have a much easier time of everything
than you do? Do you blame others?
Those are the times in your life when
you need to reflect upon your own karma.
Rarely do people ever think of that.
Maybe it's time. There are things you can
do to change your life and make it better.
There is nothing wrong with being truly
happy, and doing what is needed to get
to that place. Most people know what it
takes to get there, they allow themselves
to get distracted by things that they have
been told will make them happy. Weather
that be drugs, alcohol, or the accumulation
of things, but they are still unhappy, and
even more so. Those things didn't work,
and they never will.
Evil, weather it be believed in as the
Devil, or just something that "is" does
exist, and it is very easy to spot if
you allow yourself to do so. Looking
in the mirror is the place you want to
start, but there are many things to do
after that. First though you must take
responsibility for your life, and what
happens in it, as well as who is in it. You
can't change the behavior of others, but
you can decide who to let in to your life,
and if they are not those who would
bring positive vibrations, it's just as well
to let them go. That is if you wish to be
on the road to happiness.
Another subject to look in to is Feng
Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical
system of harmonizing everyone with
the surrounding environment.
Good feng shui for one room will be
based on the same energy foundation
as good feng shui for the whole home.
Clean, clutter free, good quality air and
good quality light are the minimum good
feng shui basics for any living space.
Having a clear organization system is
a must for good fengshui in your living
room, especially if you have children.
It also makes your pets much happier.
Even they don't wish to live in an
unclean, cluttered environment. It's
It's best to start with a whole house
cleaning. When doing this I also like
to burn a candle to chase away the
negative that may inhabit the space.
Try it, I promise you will feel much
better, and it didn't cost you anything.
Learn a little about Feng Shui Here:
What is Feng Shui?

A Real Haunted House

We have used Franks ghost box,
emf detectors, digital voice recorders, ghost
hunting equipment of all kinds, and post real
ghost videos often on YouTube.
Better than horror movies because it's real.
Better than ghost hunting t.v. shows like The
Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures,
and the Syfy network, or others you can watch
online, because you don't have to wait.
dddavids Ghost Cams is live all day, every day!
Then there is the everyday aspect of the site
where we discuss what is happening in ordinary
everyday life, and with the life of the house.
Everything from the continual, ongoing restoration
projects, painting, stenciling, and more. Including
before and after photos, videos from the Vlog

Located HERE

The videos here range in everything from showing
before and after projects in the house to decorating
for the holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and of
course our favorite...Halloween. We also have a
few videos of fun, and sometimes informative
commentary. Just whatever seems to be of interest
at the time. So feel free to join in the fun, no need
to be left out in the cold. We're here all day every
day with groups in Yahoo, facebook, twitter, Tumblr,
and even the Russian VK that always list the most
current updates, and goings on in the house! Here
we have given you the choice of entering the
dddavids Ghost Cams© website if you dare!
*Special Note: Look for the Haunted Easter Eggs!*

"It's easier to dismiss ghosts
in the daylight."
~ Patricia Briggs

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There is a shadow in the glass,
a spirit in the candle light.
There is a ghoul's sneer in the night,
a specter on the window sash.
We are not alone in this room...

Ghost Hunting 101
Tips for your own Ghost Hunting Adventure!
Ghost Hunting 101:
Here at dddavids Ghost Cams you only need
your yes, and your good Paranormal Instincts,
and Intuition to begin your search for spirits,
but if you wish to venture out into the nocturnal
realms of the dearly departed you will be better
prepared if you pack a few other items along for
your Paranormal Investigation, and here are a
few suggestions...
As you embark on a Paranormal Adventure
make sure you have the right Ghost Hunting
Equipment. EMF Meters to locate and quantify
electromagnetic hot spots. IR Thermometers
to look for hot or cold surfaces that cannot be
otherwise explained. A Digital EVP Recorder,
and flashlights (and extra batteries). A Spirit
Box, also known as "Franks Ghost Box" may
make it a little easier to hear those spirits.
Infrared cameras, and a monitor, or laptop to
videotape your paranormal experience, and
a digital infrared camera for walking around
the place you are exploring. A trigger object,
such as a toy, a picture, etc. If you like to
spend a little more you could also get:
A Portable Motion Sensor, Hand Held Radios,
EMF (Gauss) Meter,
Dowsing rods (if you know how to use them).
It would also help to write down your
experiences and feelings as they happen,
as you may not always be in front of a
recording camera, and may not remember
all of them later. Trust me.
Where do you get all of these items? There
are many places online, such as Ebay, or, my 2 favorites, but a quick
search on Google should take you to a
suitable spot for finding the right equipment.

In traditional belief and non-fiction as
well as fiction, a ghost (sometimes
known as a spectre (British English)
or specter (American English),
phantom, apparition or spook is the
soul or spirit of a dead person or
animal that can appear, in visible
form or other manifestation, to the
living. Descriptions of the apparition
of ghosts or spirits vary widely from
an invisible presence to translucent
or barely visible wispy shapes or
lights, to realistic, life like visions.
The deliberate attempt to contact the
spirit of a deceased person is known
as necromancy, or in spiritism as a
sťance. The belief in manifestations
of the spirits of the dead is widespread,
dating back to animism or ancestor
worship in pre-literate cultures.
Certain religious practices funeral rites,
exorcisms, and some practices of
spiritualism and ritual magic are
specifically designed to rest the spirits
of the dead.
Ghosts are generally described as
solitary essences that haunt particular
locations, objects, or people they were
associated with in life, though stories
of phantom armies, ghost trains,
phantom ships, and even ghost
animals have also been recounted.

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful.
It's the transition that's troublesome.
~ Isaac Asimov

More Links in this Site:

Weird News

Haunted TV

Vintage and Holiday Recipes

DIY Before and After Projects

Do you see the image of a ghost boy here?
Ghost Boy
Copyright ©©
Real Life Webcams, Real Life Ghost.

Also found on this site will be Vintage, and Holiday Recipes, Vintage
Holiday House photos, (I like Vintage things). I have also posted pages
for Holiday Countdowns of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Along
with interesting stories, origins, and entertaining Links to go with those
pages to help with your Holiday Celebrations.
We have a current Weird News section, UFO's, Hauntings, Strange
Tales, all with videos included. An everyday, and a paranormal blog.
Many photos of how this old house is decorated, and a DIY Before and
After section of restoration, and painting work, and much more!
Oh yea, and we have the Best 20 Live Ghost Cams in one House
Please Choose the Entry Best Suited for Your Screen Size.

PC & Tablet Site

Mobile Phone Cam Site

Paranormal Recipe:
Take a boy and his dog, add a Real Haunted House,
and Live Web Cameras. Shake well! View for Free!
Just a normal guy who happens to live in a real haunted
house with free live webcams that run 24 hours a day,
7 days a week 365 days a year. They are here to gather
evidence of the paranormal, and you are invited to help.
You could be #GhostHunting You can be a #GhostHunter;
Join the online ghost hunting web cams. 20 Live Webcams.
Also included is...
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Russia.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Sweden.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Ukraine.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Kazakhstan.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for the United
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Brazil.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Italy.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Mexico.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for the Philippines.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Germany.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for China.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Great Britain.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Ireland.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for England.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Scotland.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Malaysia.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for Columbia.
The latest Paranormal news and ghost hunting for the world.
It all can be found here.
Other topics include:
Live online Ghost Hunting, and Paranormal Investigating.
Here we will have true ghost adventures, including ghost
stories, real ghost hunting, very real ghost videos. We
search for real phantoms from the past, and paranormal
activity. Keep up with the state of paranormal news from
real investigators searching for real spirits, and ghost, and
the undead. Do blackeyed children really exist? Does
slenderman really exist? We search for real evidence.
We also have information collected for your own adventure.
How to hunt for ghosts! Like, never go on a ghost hunt alone.
Make sure all of your equipment is fully charged and that you
have extra batteries. Paranormal activity has been known to
drain fully charged instruments. Write down what happens as
well as recording it.
This is a Haunted house, a real haunted
house. The 20 live webcams are always free. You will find real
ghost in this house. Yes, it really is a haunted house. I know
because it's my haunted house. You guys will believe in ghost.
You can take part in a live ghost hunting investigation today!
There are 4 WebCams per page, and 4 new outdoor spirit
cameras. All the web cameras are live, and free to view!
Note: We have caught real ghost on camera. Never a fake here.
You can help by being a real ghost hunter, and have your very
own real ghost adventure. Enjoy the real ghost stories, the real
ghost photos, and the real ghost videos. There are even some
spirits that still haunt the former S and M room. We still don't know
what all went on there.

dddavids GhostCams is one of the best paranormal websites
on the net. This site revolves around Live Ghost hunting online.
That is the process of investigating this location which is haunted
by ghosts, spirits, poltergeist, entities. We use its many it's live
webcams (ghost cams) running 24 hours a day 365 days a year
continually since 1999, and it's constantly updated blog of
paranormal happenings from inside the house. Warning, this
is a real haunted house. Topics include: free webcams,
paranormal, Historic, 1700's 1800's Haunted House, Halloween,
orbs, web cams live, haunted ghostcams, spirits, real ghost cams,
hauntings, real, most haunted, gardens, gardening, live ghost
webcams, real ghost, talk to the dead, see spirits, poltergeist,
Gothic house, old haunted houses, undead, demons, demonic,
afterlife, dead, Halloween, spooky, scary, photos, orbs, shadow
people, graveyards, cemetery, Ouija board, seance, Franks ghost
box, emf detectors, digital voice recorders, ghost hunting equipment,
Links to free horror movies, and documentaries from ghost hunting
t.v. shows, dead files, travel channel, syfy network.