dddavidsGhostCams, Real ghost hunting in a real haunted house.
These are 15 Real Live Webcams,
Ghost Cams set up in a 100+ year old Victorian house
for the purpose of capturing evidence of a haunting,
of spirits, of the afterlife, of the paranormal.
The public is encouraged to view, and post captures,
and experiences of events in the Yahoo or facebook Sites.
I have posted links to the EVP's, Videos as well as Photos
captured, and the history, and paranormal occurrences in
this house on the site.

You may also repost and share the photos you
capture with me, or your favorite Ghost Hunting sites.
The cams run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Serving the Public Since 1999
All contents on this site (dddavid's GhostCams )
and the Yahoo group are property of david.
aka dddavid , aka dddavid's GhostCams ,
and cannot be reused elsewhere without express
written consent.

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dddavid's Ghost Cams
The house is real.
The stories are real.
The ghost are real.

dddavidsGhostCams, real ghost in a real haunted house.
About this site.
A portal to Hell??? dddavids GhostCams is one of the
original and one of the best Live ghost cam, paranormal
websites, and paranormal blogs on the net. Featuring it's
15 live webcams (ghost cams). The site has been running
continually since 1999. It's constantly updated blog of
paranormal happenings from inside the house inhabited by
disembodied spirits of the deceased is located within the
website, and it's Vlog of paranormal happenings caught on
tape is located

Believed to be infested with many ghost and maybe
even a few demons, and a possible portal to Hell.
Warning, this is a real haunted house.
Topics include: the
constantly updated paranormal happenings in this
Historic 1800's Victorian Haunted House with orbs,
and shadows seen on the live haunted paranormal
webcams, along with spirits, real ghost footage,
documented hauntings, very haunted gardens with
unmarked graves just beyond in the live outdoor cams.
We attempt to talk to the dead, see spirits, poltergeist,
The house in some parts Gothic, is very old with
subjects including the undead, demons, demonic,
afterlife, dearly departed. Halloween is the most
fun, spooky, scary, with photos, orbs, shadow people,
graveyards, cemetery of the forgotten, the handmade
Ouija board for a seance, but we're here 365 days a
year for all to enjoy. We have used Franks ghost box,
emf detectors, digital voice recorders, ghost hunting
equipment of all kinds, and post real ghost videos
often on youtube. Better than horror movies because
it's real. Better than ghost hunting t.v. shows like The
Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and
and the Syfy network, or others you can watch online,
because you don't have to wait. dddavids Ghost Cams
is live all day, every day! Then there is the everyday
aspect of the site where we discuss what is happening
in ordinary everyday life, and with the life of the house.
Everything from the continual, ongoing restoration
projects, painting, stenciling, and more. Including before
and after photos, videos from the Vlog located
The videos here range in everything from showing before
and after projects in the house to decorating for the
holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and of course our
favorite...Halloween. We also have a few videos of fun,
and sometimes informative commentary. Just whatever
seems to be of interest at the time.
So feel free to join in the fun, no need to be left out in the
cold. We're here all day every day with groups in Yahoo,
facebook, twitter, Tumblr, and even the Russian VK that
always list the most current updates, and goings on in the
house! Here we have given you the choice of entering
the dddavids Ghost Cams website through the
PC & Tablet Cam Site
Which is for the larger screen electronic devices, or the
Mobile Cam Site
Which is for the smaller screen mobile devices...
The choice is yours.
Real Paranormal Investigating 101, Ghost Hunting online
So you want to go Ghost Hunting, but you don't have your own
team of Paranormal Investigators? That's o.k., You can still have
fun being a Ghost Hunter at my house. It's open for Paranormal
Investigators from all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, 365 days a year for your Ghost Hunting pleasure.
Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are
reported to be haunted by spirits, poltergeist, demons, etc..
Typically, a ghost hunting team will attempt to collect
evidence that they see as supportive of paranormal activity.
Traditional techniques such as conducting interviews and researching
the history of a site have already been done here for you, and
can be found

in the "History of the House" link .
It will give you a good understanding of who has lived here,
and who may remain. As well as who may be visiting.
One interesting note for the outside cams are the 2 "Houses"
which can be seen beyond the backyard. They were the towns
first hospitals, the big one was for the white people, and the
small one was for treating the black people.
Old Haunted Hospitals
The little valley between that yard, and mine is where it has been
said that there may be unmarked graves possibly for those who
had no money for a proper burial.
The little valley starts at the back of my yard, and goes down about
3 blocks to end in a very old abandon cemetery. At one time part of
it was damned by a bottling factory for a pond which came all the
way up to the back of my yard, so if there were anyone unfortunate
to have been buried there, they would have been underwater at
some point in their afterlife.
Ghost Hunting 101
Tips for your own Ghost Hunting Adventure!
Ghost Hunting 101:
Here at dddavids Ghost Cams you only need your yes, and your
good Paranormal Instincts, and Intuition to begin your search for
spirits, but if you wish to venture out into the nocturnal realms of
the dearly departed you will be better prepared if you pack a few
other items along for your Paranormal Investigation, and here are
a few suggestions...
Before you embark on a Paranormal Adventure make sure you
have the right Ghost Hunting Equipment.
EMF Meters to locate and quantify electromagnetic hot spots.
IR Thermometers to look for hot or cold surfaces that cannot
be otherwise explained.
A Digital EVP Recorder, and flashlights (and extra batteries).
A spirit Box, also known as "Franks Ghost Box" it may make it
a little easier to hear those spirits.
Infrared cameras, and a monitor, or laptop to videotape your
paranormal experience, and a digital infrared camera for walking
around the place you are exploring.
A trigger object, such as a toy, a picture, etc.
If you like to spend a little more you could also get:
A Portable Motion Sensor, Hand Held Radios,
EMF (Gauss) Meter,
Dowsing rods (if you know how to use them).
It would also help to write down your experiences and feelings
as they happen, as you may not always be in front of a recording
camera, and may not remember all of them later.

One of the Paranormal, Spirit, Poltergiest captures from:
dddavids Ghost Cams YouTube Channel

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Other topics include:
How to hunt for ghosts! Like, never go on a ghost hunt alone.
Make sure all of your equipment is fully charged and that you
have extra batteries. Paranormal activity has been known to
drain fully charged instruments. Write down what happens as
well as recording it.