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DIY Before and After Photos of Projects in the Haunted House

dddavids Ghost Cams DIY Projects:
Before and after pictures of what I have finished. What I am working on now, and what is to come.
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These are the before and after photos of the projects that have been (and will be) going on in the 130+ year old Victorian House since I purchased the house. From Stenciling the walls to painting murals, and furniture. You can see the before and after photos, and keep up with the latest projects as they happen here at the site of dddavids Ghost Cams.

It's a good idea to stay busy, and stay positive. If a happy life is what you are striving for...what better way to keep yourself happy than by improving the environment around you, meaning your living conditions. By doing things yourself, not only do you feel a sense of accomplishment, but you can save yourself a little money as well.

Stenciling the Victorian Living Room

Victorian Living Room Before

In the Living Room Stenciling project, I started by measuring up the wall at a height I thought was a good fit for the room with it's 12 foot high ceilings. After that I made sure that the horizontal line around the walls in the Living Room were level, then it was time to paint on the light blue base coat. Some people use painters tape to help in this effort to follow the line around the room. I like to free hand it...

Victorian Living Room During

The next step was to apply the stenciling. I used a paint tinted with a glazing agent, so it was not as opaque as ordinary paint would be. The effect is a fading of the stenciling in places. You may not want this, but remember I live on an old house, and I like the "faded with time" look. As you can see in the photo below I think I achieved the look I was going for. I'm pretty happy with it.

Victorian Living Room After

Note: Stencils can be purchased from many places. For mine it was online from a shop that specialized in Victorian Stenciling.
Stenciling may just be the easiest, and fastest way to change the whole look, and feel of a room. If you haven't tried them yet, you should. You will be amazed.

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