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DIY Before and After Photos of Projects in the Haunted House
dddavids Ghost Cams DIY Projects:

Before and after pictures of what I have finished. What I am working on now, and what is to come.

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These are the before and after photos of the projects that have been (and will be) going on in the 130+ year old Victorian House since I purchased the house. From Stenciling the walls to painting murals, and furniture. You can see the before and after photos, and keep up with the latest projects as they happen here at the site of dddavids Ghost Cams.

Never be intimidated by a renovation, restoration project. The hardest part is getting started. Always plan what it is that you want to accomplish, research your project, and start on your project. You will be very happy with yourself when it is finished.

Painting a Wall Mural

Victorian Dining Room Before Makeover

In this project it wasn't that I didn't like my terracotta colored Dining room, it's just that it was beginning to seem too dark for the mood I wanted in a room I see every day. So it was time for a new look.

In the Dining Room Wall Mural project, I started by measuring up the wall at a height equal to what I had done in the Living room. After that I made sure that the horizontal line around the walls in the Dining Room were level, then it was time to paint on the light beige base coat on the bottom half of the wall. I followed that with a 3 inch border on top to separate the top half of the wall from the bottom, like a chair rail. After that I painted the top half of the walls a light green base coat.

Victorian Dining Room During Makeover

The next step was to paint the actual Wall Mural. I like nature very much, so I thought a nature theme would do well. I find trees, shrubs, rocks, etc. are easy to paint. I used a watered down acrylic black paint for most of the work, adding white and grey for the highlights. I finished by stenciling the bottom portion of the wall, and painting the "Chair Rail" to mimic wood.

Victorian Dining Room After

I was very pleased with how this turned out. It looks brighter, and feels totally different than the solid terracotta wall color did. It's a happy feeling in the dining room now! It did tale a little time to accomplish this but as you can see there was a little more work involved than just painting the walls... By the way, I also painted a Full Moon into the scene on one if the walls, so I can always see one. :)

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