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Paranormal T.V.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Paranormal/
Ghost Hunting T.V. Shows that you can watch online for Free!
Just click on the photo and watch an episode online!

The list includes Ghost Hunting shows, Paranormal themed shows,
Halloween Specials, and Documentaries. Just click on an image to watch.

Watch The Dead Files Online For Free

Watch Haunted Collector Online For Free

Watch Ghost Mine Online For Free

Watch Paranormal State Online For Free

Watch Paranormal Witness Online For Free

Watch The Haunted Online For Free

Watch Ghost Hunters/Taps Online For Free

Watch Ghost Adventures Online For Free

Don't know that to watch?
Check out the Paranormal T.V. List here!

Watch Paranormal TV Online For Free

Salem Witch Trials - History Channel Online For Free


Watch Mystery Quest Devil Island Online For Free

Watch Unexplained Mysteries The Most Haunted Places In The World Online For Free

Watch Modern Marvels Halloween Tech

Watch The History Channels Haunted History of Halloween Online For Free

Watch The History Channels The Real Story of Halloween Online For Free

The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment

An Unknown Encounter, When Ghost Attack

Spirits, Graveyards and Ghostbusters: Real Ghost Stories

Extreme Ghost Stories Episode 1

Haunted Hotels

Extreme Ghost Stories Episode 3