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28 June 2010
Well, well, well...1/2 way through the year already, and I haven't had any time to stop by here. I must have been busy.
Today I cut down a tree. I have cut down about 6 or so this year because I have become over shaded, and it was becoming difficult to grow other things. That still leaves me many, many trees...I like the shade, I just needed a little sun area here and there.
I need to re-do my pond that I put in last year...it filled in a little, and I want a different liner in it. That may also be this week.
I also have 3 old doors to strip and stain for upstairs, but I haven't gotten to those, yet.

06 December 2009
Christmas Photos!!!
18 November 2009
Almost winter already...another year gone by, they go by so fast. I did manage to get some things done, though. Despite the fact that Wesley likes to leave me endless messes to clean-up. He has a thing about tearing things up, or at least the things that I like.

Top 10 Things I'm Glad I Got Done This Year:
1: The pond...It mostly held water all summer, and the birds love it.
2: Repainting the house, and deck with better paint.
3: Finally fixing the roof over the laundry room...I think. So far so good.
4: Finishing the rest of the wood floors.
5: Making the whole house one home. I've got lots of room!
6: Finding a "new" antique couch for the living room. I still have to get the old one that Wesley destroyed recovered.
7: Putting an island in the kitchen...more storage!
8: Scraped the "popcorn" off my bedroom ceiling, and upstairs hallway. Only one room left in the whole house with texture on the ceiling, now.
9: Finding many "new" old things to put in the house, that are from the period.
10: Uncovering, and repairing the attic window. I've only wanted to do that since I moved here.
O.K. one more: Refinancing!!! It just happened to be the year that I had to do it, and the much lower rate saved me MONEY!, and I paid off the downtown building at the same time. :)
On the play front this year I was in "GUYS AND DOLLS": Benny Southstreet, AND "THE EXORCIST": Father Merin, and currently in rehearsal for "THE NUTCRACKER": Uncle Drosselmeyer, The Toy Maker, and that will take us to the end of the year, as far as plays go.

18 May 2009
So I decided to make a pond...but I didn't want the kind with the plastic liner, or mold. I wanted an all natural one that you wouldn't have to clean. Just a big hole with water. From what I found on the internet all you have to do is dig a hole and fill it with water, and that's what I wanted. Problem is that the water wants to go away a little faster than I was hoping. Now I have to decide if I want to spend a little more time filling it back with water, or just having the essence of pond. Meaning filling the space with plants that have little blue flowers instead. I could live with that.
Wesley is doing fine, except he is going through that faze where he wants to tear up everything. Well, not everything, just the things that I like having around. I'm not sure how he knows the difference.

19 March 2009
Well, let's see...lost of stuff has gone on since December of last year. For one, there is a new puppy in the house. He is a Boston Terrier, now 10 months old, and his name is Wesley (his name was picked out after a poll of the Yahoo ghost group). Rescued from a puppy mill, and then rescued from the rescuer by me on Feb. 5th, 2009. He has caught on to my routine fairly quickly, though sometimes he seems to be solely on mission of search and destroy, and or bite.
My occupants upstairs moved out in November of last year, and I began in late November finishing the restoration of the upstairs. As of Feb. of this year I can now say that the scraping of woodwork, popcorn from the ceiling, staining, painting, sanding, stenciling, and polyurethaning are for the most part done...(4 bedrooms, a hallway, and a bathroom...pictures near the bottom of page) I do have a fake wood floor to take up that was put over a real wood floor, and that will be the next project. That would include sanding, and staining, and more polyurethane. The good part was that I had enough furniture to fill up the 2nd floor. Though I do need to get a full size mattress for one of the bedrooms. I now have a total of 5 of them. My former bedroom downstairs was made into a library (I need more books, too).
On the stage front. We have started rehearsals for "GUYS AND DOLLS" I will be Benny Southstreet...singing and dancing.

4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning (yesterday) I got up and put up a Christmas tree, it was sad, but it was also sad not having one up. It is a different one than I put up when Maxwell was alive, and in a way that helped. I wasn't doing the same one, but without him. I don't know what he thought about all of the Christmas decorating, but he always seemed to take an interest in what was going on.
My former bedroom is going to be the library/study...I must get more books. At one time long ago it probably was, or it could have been the back parlor. I'm just guessing.
Well, it has been a little over a month since Maxwell passed away, and the house is extremely quiet. I have tried to keep busy with things in the house. Since the renters have moved out of the second floor I have been working up there almost constantly to finish the woodwork, and scrape the "popcorn" off the ceilings. I have 2 rooms just about finished...still have a floor to sand and stain in one room, and it will need a bed in there to look right. The other room is finished, though I have to paint the ceiling. It is now my new bedroom, as of last night. It's a nice room with two-toned stenciled walls.

The Christmas lights are all up outside, and I put lights on the cedar tree under which Maxwell lies. I can't say the same for the inside of the house. As much as I like decorating for Christmas I have not been able to bring myself to do it this year on the inside. The closest I get is opening the door where all of the decorations are, and then I close it...it just seems too sad.
The house is very empty now except for me. Maxwell this morning lost his battle with old age, and went on to a better place. After losing most of his eye sight he was also diagnosed with an enlarged heart last week, and possibly an enlarged liver (x-rays couldn't tell because there was a water build-up in his stomach. He had been put on heart and liver medicine, as well as water pills, but he had just grown too weak to fight anymore. He passed away on a Sunday just like Adam (my last dog) did. I was working the same 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. shift. Adam had passed away in 2001 just after I got home, Maxwell departed while I was away. When I got home he was just where he had been when I left, and looked like he was sleeping, but Maxwell was always a heavy breather (Boston Terriers do that), and I heard no noise. He looked very peaceful so I am hoping that it was an easy departure. I buried him under a cedar tree we had brought from our last home with his favorite toys, and treats, and gave him a little shrine that I can visit. He deserved all of that and more.
Maxwell was a rescue dog, meaning that he was saved by an animal rescue operation. After Adam had passed I had talked to them about being a host for dogs waiting to be adopted. Maxwell had already worn out his welcome at his first host home. They had other Boston terriers, and Maxwell in all the time I had him liked all people, but not any other animal...he considered them prey. Needless to say I hosted him for 8 years, and enjoyed every minute. He will be so sadly missed. He came to me at a time when I really needed him, and made everything better.
The couple who have rented the upstairs of my house for the last four years are moving...better paying jobs elsewhere. I haven't decided what exactly to do with it. If Maxwell had not lost most of his eye sight I would just take over the whole house, but now I don't think he could get use to a new space he knows nothing about...not to mention the stairs he would have to climb to go to bed. So I am up in the air about that for now.
The last weekend to see "DRACULA" has arrived, so if you are close you may want to check it out. It's a must for Halloween!
...and so here we are into fall already. I think it's been a fairly good year so far. I have gotten some more work done in the basement...as in the floor, and tuck pointing the brick walls, and re-routed the gutters outside. I've repainted parts of the house and deck that were chipping. I didn't get it all, but something is better than nothing, and re-did the roof over the old porch that had been enclosed at some point in the past.
This weekend begins the first weekend performance of "Dracula" just in time for Halloween is near. I am playing Van Helsing. It is at this point probably where it should be, but I must look over those lines many times before Friday gets here. There are still some I cannot rattle off as quickly as I need to, but I am a-lot less worried than I was before last nights rehearsal. I am always afraid that I will not remember something, but it seemed to come to me when it needed to that last rehearsal. Some parts just need to come sooner... It should be good and dramatic by Friday.

This is the last weekend performance of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and I think that has probably been up there in one of the best shows that I have done...though I always try to do my absolute best. It's probably because it's dramatic, and I get to sing at the same time. I don't know. It is very dramatic, though, I like that, and it's been going well...I like that too.
Just in case there are some keeping up with stuff...I am currently in rehearsals for "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR" in the roll of Pilate. It begins on May 23. I have begun placing rehearsal videos, and probably various other things on youtube. Just keep in mind that these are rehearsals, and not yet at their finest... You can find them HERE As well as a few from the last one...Willy Wonka.
It's a new year! Yea!
...and with a new year comes new stuff, like a new show to do. This one being "WILLY WONKA", and rehearsals have already started. I am Grandpa Joe (he goes to the chocolate factory with Charlie). I get to sing, too. I am sure it will be wondrous. I bought a new digital camcorder/camera before Christmas so now I'll get to put rehearsal photos and/or videos up. That will be nice...having pictures of a show.
I haven't been doing a-lot around the house (not that I shouldn't) the basement is a little cold for working in right now. I did re-stain the piano in the living room, and after that I noticed that all the legs on the furniture needed it also, so I did it all in there. Looks much better. It hadn't occurred to me but all of the furniture being old did have a-lot of scratches on the legs.
I can't wait for spring when the new tulips that I planted last fall pop up. Not to mention it being warmer...

...and yet another year is almost over. I can't say that I did as much work on the house this year as last, but I also probably didn't need to. Except of course, for the kitchen woodwork, I still have to do that. Work continues on the basement. I use that as the place to be most creative in the house. So when I feel the need, I work down there. The house is now all dressed for Christmas, even some of that basement... That's the time of year when it looks it's absolute best. I still haven't gotten to expose that third floor window yet, but there is always next year.
The local Christmas show will be this Saturday night, and we have been in rehearsals for that. The play I am in is about a boy who has been placed on the naughty list, and goes to Santa looking for a way off it. Santa convenes a trial for him, and he is defended by Rudolf, and prosecuted by Scrooge. I am Scrooge... It's a funny play, and as always I am looking forward to it. It's just not the same without doing a Christmas show to bring the year to a close.
I have almost gotten here too late. After the run of "Joseph", came the rehearsals for "Deep Into That Darkness" a collection of short stories and poems done as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. It opened last night...which is why I say that I was almost too late. To tell you about it, that is. I am in two of the short plays, and like them both. Of course the one with the larger part I like better. It's "The Cask of Amontillado" and I am Montressor, and the other is "The Monkey's Paw", and I am "the Man". We have another show tonight, and then again next weekend at my favorite haunted theater.
In other life I think that it has rained only 3 times this entire summer. I have mowed the lawn (what there is of it) maybe 4 times. That's it!!! How sad for someone who likes to be surrounded by green.
The Halloween decorations have begun, maybe more so this year than in the past. I have a cool idea for a life like ghost. It is made with gauze and a water glue mixture, and it worked for a head...so if I have time. I did make tombstones. I think it's mandatory. On two of them I put the names of a man and wife who lived in the house in the early 1900's. We'll see if they take notice.
I have cleaned my bathroom...
I think that is quiet a feat considering we have been in rehearsals for JOSEPH for about 2 months, and it's not been raining so my watering job continues, and continues, and continues, and all of the other stuff that had been taking up that extra time has begun to settle down. The show itself actually begins next Friday. Once again it seems that all of the sudden...it's here.
My goal of having more cams uploading at the same time has not materialized, though I am back up to 3 and 2 computers. At one time I was down to 1 and one computer. So, though it is better, it is only back to where I had started. My oldest computer is currently down, and working on that takes time, and waiting for parts...blah, blah, blah.
Fall will be here soon. Another thing that is hard to believe, but there it is. BOOM, another year, better get stuff done...

It's attempting to rain outside. Hopefully it will because it hasn't for a long time, and my yard/garden is showing the effects. Not to mention the fact that watering has began to take up a good deal of my life. The plants just do not seem to grow as much without natural water. I say every year that I am going to put in drought tolerant things, and I do have a couple but if our summers continue like this I'm going to have to find many more...
A few weeks ago we started rehearsals for "JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT". More singing, more dancing, more sweating...there is no air conditioning. It's hot, but I suppose it is a good weight loss plan. Just like last years musical. It goes before the public in August.
I think that the dentist visits will be over soon. The bleaching is coming along, though I usually only do it twice a week, now...it tends to make the teeth a little sensitive. Like when you breath in. I think that I have to go back about 3 more times, and then I could be done for awhile. Then I can go to the eye doctor and up the contact prescription, or at least get some new ones without scratches, and then I could possibly be done spending money for the year. It would be nice. This has turned out to be an expensive year.
What is it you are not suppose to do when you get out of the dentist office...smoke, and what is the first thing that you want to do, and the second for that matter...smoke. I picked this as my summer to take care of every dental problem that I have, threw in the bleaching treatment, and a few other things, and it makes for an irritating summer filled with appointments, and long needles. You have to smoke. In fact I want one now... But one day it will be all better. It is just that, that day is probably months away. Not to mention dollars. Must Smoke!
On the bright I have an apartment that I still have some work to do in before I can rent it again. Oh wait, that's not very bright is it... Seems that, among other things, some termites may have liked a couple places in the floor, and took them with them. I didn't see any actual live termites, yet anyway. So maybe that is the bright side. Yesterday I patched the roof as well as a part of mine at home. The one at home doesn't leak any more (I know because it's raining) so I am hoping the same for the apartment...it could happen... Then there were leftover assorted other problems that it had, but I am getting close to being done. I've had someone waiting over a month to rent it, but I wouldn't even show it to them until last week. I had moved from there myself just 3 short years ago...my, my.
On the very bright side the yard and all of it's plant life seems to have recovered from the very late frost, though the leaves seem smaller this year. The second batch, that is. Luckily it has been wet enough this spring that I haven't had to water that much at all 'cause I sure haven't had the time. Oh, but I did have time to cut out arched windows for the back deck. Just keeping that Gothic thing going.

I should have probably been back before now to say that yes, I was cast in "Night of the Living Dead" as Harry Cooper...he's the guy who likes to stay in the basement. We have been rehearsing for the past month or so, and the show starts this Friday. We are doing it all in black and white (except for the blood), and it looks very interesting...so far.
On the home front I have been working in the basement. Making a bathroom, and putting up various walls. All in keeping with that Gothic theme. I will put up pictures of that when I can.
You may or may not have noticed that I have put up a donation button on the main, and cams pages. This is after the request of several members of the group who have expressed an interest in wanting to help with the expense of maintaining the site, or want me to get better cams, or speedier ones. Or maybe they just want to donate to the never ending house restoration project. I would say that the site probably cost $100.00+ a month to run. Including high speed internet access, maintaining copyright, and domain names, a place for the site etc. Not to mention the work involved with the cams, and stuff. So if you would like to also, I have provided a secure way of doing so through PayPal, who I have used for years to shop on eBay, and have never had a problem. You may specify what you would like it to be used for, and make a request for having given. I will do what I can to fulfill it.
I have reluctantly spent the last 2 days emailing off abuse forms to the host of script kiddies, hackers, and those who just don't want to, or think they should have to pay for their own high speed internet connection...I say reluctantly, not because I hated to turn them into their host, but because it has taken time from other things that I should be doing, but when the connection that I pay for slows down, or the cams are interrupted then I am forced to take the time, and if I have to take the time off to do that then they all get turned in. I don't care if they have only tried it once. Between the router logs, my own host logs, and the firewall logs there is very little doubt left on their the part of their host as to what is going on, and if that is not good enough then I found this little page on the net that has a link to turn them into the FBI...'cause you never know what they are up to, and it is really not up to me to find out, now is it??? Hmmmmmmmm, sounds good to me.
On the "improve the house" front the latest project has been the bedroom ceiling or rather it's non-existent molding...has some now, and Gothic at that. You can see all of the before and after photos here, (so far anyway). It's still a "during" shot so I have to get an after up for you to get the full effect, but you can see what it is that I am going for.
Auditions for "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" were last night, and I have to go back tonight for more reading 'cause I had to leave for work yesterday...I'll let you know how it turns out. Some of you may remember that it was just last year that I had played a zombie in another show.
Mood: Excited....always. Outlook: Bright....always. Listening to: New Age
I have gotten numerous projects done in and around the house during the summer... Like what, you say? Well the best has to be the restoration of the banister leading to the second floor. I am also working on the walls surrounding it to give it more of a Gothic look. The guy who put up the banister also let me borrow a 50 foot extension ladder so I could finish painting the front of the house, and I now have my own 24 foot ladder so I no longer have to borrow anyone's. I can just do those high projects whenever I want to. I also got to work a little more on the front porch.
I put up a fence on the other side of the property, and built 2 overhangs, and another set of stairs on the back deck just for the heck of it. Busy, busy times. I still have to finish painting that deck, and the stairs, and the overhangs, but not too much left to do there. I also lined all of the flowerbeds in the backyard with brick...gives a neater appearance, and makes weed eating easier, 'ya know. The garden doesn't look too bad considering it has probably rained maybe twice this summer. I also put in 2 stained glass windows. They came from a cottage that was torn down in England...probably as close as I am going to get to the country.
Finally got the bathroom sink hooked up, as well as the stove, yea! The first thing I made was chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of cookies, my total weight loss was 40 pounds...yes, I can now say I have that swimmers build back. Hmmmmmmmm...
The theater group will be picking the show that they will be doing this fall, as well as the one next spring this coming Tuesday. That means that auditions will be coming up soon...it's a good thing.
Well, there are 2 shows left to do for "GODSPELL", and then it is over. The show that I didn't really want to do, but have had fun doing it, and it became part of my weight loss program ('cause of the dancing, and jumping around). 23 pounds so far, and not too many left top go...I'm not one who likes to exercise so this show came about at the right time for me. Besides it's has been a good show to be a part of. As it turns out it is probably a good thing that I did this one because I was going to wait until the summer show, but that will be a children's show...no grown-ups, and I would have had to wait until fall for another to come around. That would have been tough.
As it turns out I didn't get to take spring off from the stage after all. They were doing "GODSPELL", and had a cast member drop out so....there I have been at rehearsals for the past several weeks. Singing, and dancing, and stuff. It is a fun play to be in, and it has had it's benefits. Like the fact that winter had gotten here, and I hadn't lost the normal weight that I usually loose during the previous summer, so I had gained even more during the winter, and that is bad, bad, very bad, especially when you are single. Well, I didn't want to go on stage in front of people looking chubby. So I have given up candy, yes candy. I eat a-lot of it, but not a-lot of normal food, so that was enough for me to loose about 19 lbs. to date, and should be down to 145 by show time (starts next week). No exercise, aside from rehearsal dancing...just no candy. I'm real happy about that, because I was getting up there...weight wise, and it was just going to continue. So I don't have to worry about that any more.
I have started painting the back deck. I had thought about staining it, but with the age of the house I thought painting it would make it look more like a large back porch, and it looks like it will. I would love to have it screened in, but that will have to wait...money, you know.
Just had about $100.00 worth of shrubs and plants show up yesterday, and most of them are now in the ground. That should now take care of all I think I need for the yard, as far as filling it to the idea I had in mind for it. I hope.
I have been like a little tornado trying to get everything on the inside of the house done and/or repaired before spring gets here. I say, before spring, because I know when it gets here I will want to work or be outside from then until fall. So it's either now or next winter, and I'd rather it be now. For the most part the downstairs is done. There is a pocket door that has to have the paint removed from it, and the back of a door, but you can't see those so...... And that nice "popcorn" on the dining room and bedroom ceiling. I would like to think I will do that soon, but it makes so much of a mess that I keep putting it off. The only thing major left to do is have the stairs rebuilt which lead to the second floor. That I am not capable of doing, so I have to find (and pay) someone to do that. I love this house, though, It's become everything I pictured it as when I first saw it, and it has come such a long way. It has taken on more of a Gothic look inside with it's dark woodwork, and my added furnishings...pretty cool.
On the theater front those of us who did the play "M*A*S*H" a few years ago were asked to reunite for a benefit show at the local veterans hospital, and for the most part all did. It also turned into 2 shows at the local theater. So I have been rehearsing for that one day a week, and will be doing that the first and second weekend in March. I don't think that I will audition for anything else until the summer...this time of year just always seems too busy for added extras.

Look at this...only 20 days until Christmas, and next year is 2006. Boy time passes fast anymore. We have the last show of the year on Dec. 10th. It's the Christmas Show and among other acts we will be doing "A CHRISTMAS CAROL", I am sure this is because of acting ability only that I have the part of Scrooge... I love this show, it's so right for Christmas.
On the home front I have starting scraping the paint off the woodwork in the bedroom, and the living room now has it's trim work back again, and is in much the shape as it originally would have been a century ago. A little paint left to scrape, but you can't see it if you are in there (it's hiding in the corners). It turns more and more into the house that I wanted every day. I got an old, old, old radio for the living room the other day that looks like it was born there. It's probably about time for some new pictures. Enough has been done since the last set. I'm also about to finish up the entry way also which should hopefully only take the next couple of days...most of it's trim has been put back into place also. Oh well, enough for now. Happy Holidays!
Well the Halloween show..."BUMPS IN THE NIGHT", of course is over, and it was very, very fun to do. Being a zombie is actually relaxing. You can't really do too much wrong there. And...last night we finished "MIDWICH CUCKOOS". It is a place based on the movie Village of the Dammed, and my favorite part in the show (for me anyway) was the scene with the children where I played music and danced for them. It is my last attempt to reach them, and the last really sweet scene in the show. The town goes to hell after that. It was just a great moment to be on stage. I was very happy with how it worked out.
We have added many new people to the group in the last year, and each more talented than the next. Actually some of them surprised me so much with the combination of youth and professionalism. I think a few of them actually went all the way through rehearsals without ever making a mistake...just amazing. Especially since I usually consider rehearsals play time. It almost made me feel bad...almost.
Auditions for the next, and last show of the year will be this Tuesday...it's the Christmas Show, and always gets you in the mood for the season. Our contribution to the show is to be a one act of "A CHRISTMAS CAROL", slightly shorter than the original...though I personally think with this new influx of people we could pull off the full version and just take over all of the show. Yep.
Auditioned for two shows at once this time, and am in both now... one called "BUMPS IN THE NIGHT", and the other "MIDWICH CUCKOOS". In "BUMPS" I am a zombie (zombie #1), and Drew (who is killed by zombies), and in "MIDWICH" I am Alan Zellaby, and I get to blow up a school and die at the end...not bad.
Almost have the outside of the house all painted, and planted, and in the inside I have started on the big, big baseboard trim in the kitchen, and bathroom...there was none of the original left in those rooms. So, I have to replace it, but at least I don't have to scrape it.
On the "Fest" front...it came and went without much of a notice. I think their drinking crowds were down, which cuts down on the trash, and peeing, and the smell after wards...yea!
As far as my internet connections goes...yes someone is still trying to get into it, but I am letting the provider handle it, I have told them a few of my thoughts, and the rest is up to them...however they want to pursue it is fine with me. Personally I think that someone is going to put them self in jail. Isn't it funny that jail is not a nice place to be, but people always put themselves there. Anyway, I keep them updated on the times it goes out, and stuff, and the new things I have learned here and there. I think at this point they know that if they take care of the problem that they will not have to hear from me anymore...that's a big incentive now.
PETER PAN is now over and I am just another nobody without a stage.....hmmmmmmm. It was fun while it lasted. Except of course for the multitude of kids.
On the home front, I have begun to uncover the old brick sidewalk that was lying underneath the other one. Go take a look at it, and my other work outside if you like. I would like to say that it will be finished in a couple of days, but...you know...it's hot. I have to take up all of the bricks, and raise it almost a foot higher. It would have been about 6 inches higher, but the city replaced the sidewalk that runs along the front of the house, and raised it's level up by about 6 inches....yea...
For the past many, many weeks we have been in rehearsal for PETER PAN and are set to open on the 5th of August at the Historic Miners Theater (of course), and by then I am sure it will be great, but as anyone who has done theater knows...we are in the week before the show, so you can't say much yet.
I have gotten a-lot done in the yard this year. Feel free vo visit the Home-Garden or House Pics links. It's beginning to look more like the picture I have in my little head of what it should be. Many more plantings, and I am very close to finishing painting the house. I haven't uncovered the former brick sidewalk yet, but it is still too hot for that kind of work...it's about a foot under the current sidewalk. For the past 3 weeks they have been working on the street outside. So I am currently living on a dirt road... They say it will be nice when it is done.
The house is coming along, and it's getting warmer outside...who could ask for more. Last fall I put up a fence in the back yard, and Maxwell was very happy about that. He no longer had to have me at the end of his leash, He does have to share it, currently. Though not at the same time...he doesn't play well with others.
The porch railing has been put up, and will be finished as soon as it's warm enough to paint again, and I still have to finished painting the outside of the house, but it get's many compliments, already.
On the down side, I had a fire in one of my apartments last month. It wasn't a huge fire, mostly smoke damage, but it's only now almost ready to occupy again after a month + of cleaning, sealing, and painting. I didn't know that people getting paid could work that slow, but then again it's my first fire experience.
I finally auditioned for a show again...and got cast. Not that I had a-lot of free time, but it was time to get on the stage again, it had been too long. We have been in rehearsals for about 3 weeks, and the show (at Miners) will be in about 2 weeks.
Well, the fact that I haven't put up an update since last may should tell you that the new (old) house has been a-lot of work...see the pictures.
It's looking much better than when I first got here, inside, and out. I even had the energy/nerve to begin painting the outside of it last fall. I didn't get it finished, unfortunately, but I got close. I still love being here very much, and doing the work to restore it. I would say that I have 85% of the woodwork on the first floor done. I have purchased the banister, and post for the stairs (still have to be stained, and put up). and the balusters for the front porch (also have to be painted, and put up).
I have in this month been trying to catch up on the little things you let go when you become preoccupied with big stuff, i.e. getting the taxes ready, cleaning the house (seemed kink of pointless when I would get it dirty every day). Decorating the rooms (that's the fun part), lucky for me I already had a-lot of old things to do that with, and updating the websites. You may have noticed that I gave this site a direct link to the Ghost Cams page, and that page got a new layout. I really believe that I now have the largest ghost cam site on the planet....no I am really serious, I think I do. The group for the site also grows in larger numbers every week. Now if I could just get all of the cams to update at the same time, but I fear that it would take more computers....oh well, we'll see.
Only did one show last year, the Christmas show. That was all I had time for, and barely time for that.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up. I bought a house a little over a month ago, and have been slowly moving things over to it. That is, when I haven't been working on it. If it's not a hundred years old, it's darn close, and some of the people at Tripar (check the links page) have already been there, and said to make sure that I get a cam in the basement, and one of them has heard a little girl giggling. Though the big move to get in may happen today, the cable will not be hooked up until Thursday afternoon. So the cam that is still going will be turned off sometime today. I really like the new house...it's old, it's Victorian, and it's haunted... Lots of space, and spirits, what more could you ask for. See you Thursday.....-david
O.K. here's the question of the day...
Do you know what a compulsive liar is????????????? Yeah, so do I...bothers me more than anything, and for what point? The only one they are hurting is themselves, and what is wrong with the truth...what is so hard about telling it...I don't get it. It makes you not believe anything that would come out of their mouth, even if they told you it was blue, and it was. Where did integrity go, or even self respect. Here's another thought... How far did anyone ever go on lying????????? What good did it bring them?????????
I'd rather have the respect of others, and on the bright side...it's never to late to change. Especially if it leads you somewhere better.
O.K. my rant for the day is over, get back to work.
Really, I think that it would amaze people that I seem to care so much for something that others would write off as a lost cause. I have lots of thoughts, and they are intertwined with each other, and sometimes colliding with each other when they shouldn't, but it's been hard to separate things lately. My mind tells me where to stop, but the heart gets confused....it's weird when I can rationalize what it is I should do, but get lost in the mix....................
If you ask me, and I am sure you have...it's been one interesting year so far... It started out as different, and continues to be just that. I'm really not sure if that is good or bad, but things have changed in my little home. Learning, growing, teaching, worrying, disappointment, wonder, laughter, pride, waiting, impatience (I'm good at that though), hoping, dismayed, wanting, displeased, mesmerized, happy, sad, busy, and very unsure, but helping, and trying to continue in a very honest, unbiased way, and sometimes that is tough...
Having said that, I may also be moving soon, but if it happens, then I'll talk about it. If I do, it too is a very old place...
Things I have done so far this year...
Well, to include the end of 2003 also. I began taking down the drop ceiling in my bathroom because above that was a tin ceiling original to the building. That part I had down, fixed, and painted before Christmas...it took about a week. Then after Christmas I started on the kitchen, and it is now done, and that's as far as it goes...thank God. It was a mess, if I wasn't getting hit by flying bits of rust, I was being covered in plaster dust from fixing the walls, and I had to sweep a-lot, because the dog thought the rust bits were tasty.
Have you ever noticed that about every 7 to 10 years things in your life just totally change, including the people in it???

I somehow forgot to mention the show has started... Many people have worked very hard to create this production of "The Uninvited", and it is well worth seeing if you are in the area. There are only 2 shows left: Oct. 17th, and 18th at 7:30. I think that the most interesting aspect of the play would be that is about a haunting, which just happens to be done in a theater that is suppose to be haunted... Pretty spiffy, huh?
The "GHOST CAMS" are going very well and even had some pictures sent in. I finally had to buy into tripod, because the bandwidth for the free page was exceeding it's limit to often, and that knocks out the site for hours, but all is now well. It's even being mentioned on various message boards about ghost cams.
Remember...see the show if you can, and if you can't, at least wish you had.
Much to my surprise, the show goes on next weekend. Seems like we had more time...oh, well. For those of you in the area, who like a good ghost story, we'll be there for you. Click on the link, and check out the dates.
Things are getting cold outside early this year, and we have had rain, so I haven't had to do much in the garden. I did take out a picket fence on the inside, and put up a split rail. The dog likes it, he can run under it now instead of around, and it's Bulb Planting Time! This year they came from a local store, 'cause they were only $1.98!!! Last year I spent a-lot more from a catalog for blue tulips (among other things), and they turned out to be hot pink... So I figure for $1.98 I can't go wrong.
As is usually the case...I haven't been around for awhile. 'Cause I'm busy, or at least busy enough to not think of anything to write. EXCEPT- I'm in a show. It's called "THE UNINVITED", and it's a ghost story, and the latest offering from C.A.T.S., just in time for October...of course. Other than that I have been working a-lot in, and outside of the home, and setting up an all new cam outdoors in time for the local "fest" which can be seen at night, and can be used for that ever so popular "GHOST CAMS"
Well, last night was the opening night for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, in case I forgot to mention it, and I did. Things have been really busy between rehearsals, helping with the set, work, and trying to keep things watered outside. It left no time to get back here, and talk about the show, but anyway it is also tonight, and July 18th, and 19th, for those of you that are close by, and like uplifting musicals... As well as a few voices that are worth hearing, at least I like listening to them, and I have heard them every other day for weeks. That should say something. So for those of you that are near...it's this weekend, and next, only. Now if I could only figure out a way to do this for a living, rather than what I do do...I can say "do do", right?
If I keep going at the rate I am I should soon become the patron saint of baby birds (if they don't have one already). In the last few days I have taken two out of Maxwell's mouth...alive. Which is much better than last year's birds did. Though I think that it's quickly becoming a game with him. Joseph rehearsals have been fun. I like going in to sing for a few hours every other night (makes the day a much better one). Which is pretty amazing in itself. Lot's of work to do still, like the dancing, but it's been done before. In the "Something New" category...some of the plays that I have been now have picture links.
Since sometime after the first of the year I also began wallpapering. I started in the living room . Then moved on to the entry way . I know...you can't see a-lot of it, but the cam wouldn't stretch, and finally the bedroom which I really like. I am now almost done except for some trim work. Enjoy the pictures...
Well, I am starting to think that I never get here unless I'm involved in a show...and I am. I auditioned, and was cast in "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". We start the rehearsals this Sunday. I have never seen this one before, and don't really know that much about it. So we'll see how it goes.
I have been outside a-lot, of course, and the garden is doing great, but you can check that out most every day on the cam.
Tonight is the second to the last show (M*A*S*H), and so far everything has gone really well. I've had fun playing Henry, and being in the camp. It's not too late to see it if you haven't. It's worth the time.
Spring has just about arrived, and things are springing up (arrr arrr). It won't be long now, and none too soon for the dog. Now he needs lots, and lots of exercise...
It's been a busy month, or so... We start M*A*S*H tonight, yes tonight. Seems like it came pretty fast, but I'm sure it's ready, as long as people don't stay at home and watch the real war... Check out the C.A.T.S. site in the links to see some of the video from a rehearsal. It should be funny.
I've also spent the last month laying tile and painting at home. as well as putting in a new kitchen faucet (old looking of course), and I have mostly finished wallpapering. Unless I decide to do the bedroom, and kitchen. I haven't made up my mind yet
In sad news, my bird passed away on March 8th. He was 17 years old, and I thought he would go on forever. I had raised him from a baby where I had to feed him by hand (that was a mess). He wasn't sick, always looked good, and lively, but I came home that Saturday night after work, and he was laying at the bottom of his cage, I have no idea what happened, but he's gone. I buried him under Adam's memory stone. Adam use to sleep next to his cage at times. Though they didn't get along all that well. Maxwell doesn't seem to miss him at all, but he always pretended that he didn't exist...
Well, I got cast in M*A*S*H*, and start rehearsals this Thursday. I'll be playing the part of Col. Henry Blake, I'm sure you know who that is.
Other than that...life is pretty boring right now. It's cold outside, you know. I have started wallpapering the inside - 2 rooms so far. I'm trying to get it close to that early 1900's look, since the building is late 1800's. I'm still not sure if I want to switch the bedroom and kitchen around. That would be lot's of work, but it would allow me to open up 2 more windows, and I need those. I'll think on that one.
Hey there, new year is going well so far... I have an audition for a play the first part of next week. It's M*A*S*H*, and I'm sure that everyone knows what that is about. Not much else exciting going on besides that.

Well, "THE CRUCIBLE" has, of course, come and gone, and it was good. If I do say so myself. Then went on to be in the Community Christmas Show, and now I'm free until the Spring (as far as I know). So if you're looking for me...now is a good time :)
I had a bad computer crash in October, that got fixed in a week. Then I had a Computer disaster, and gave up and bought a new one...much more powerful, and faster, yea!!! I don't have trouble running multiple things any more. It's a good thing... I still have to load some former programs into it, like the messengers (there's always e-mail), but I'm almost back to normal. Here's hoping your Christmas dreams come true...(warn me if they involve me).
It's Show time...
O.K., so the show (The Crucible) starts in 3 days... In some ways I feel more prepared than I have been for past shows, in some ways not, but in either case it goes live this Friday, and by then it will be all ready. At this point I am not wishing that I had that one extra day to get ready for it like I have in the past, so that's a good indication of how I think it's going. I can tell though, it's going to be one of those shows that I wish we could have done more performances of though...
I said that I would let you know "a.s.a.p." about being cast in "THE CRUCIBLE", and apparently this is as close as I can get...2 days late. Yes I did get into the cast, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me (just as it always does). It's a very affirming feeling to know that other people believe in you. I got the part of John Proctor(that amazed me), and am very eager to get started, needless to say, and with that thought...all is well in my world.
Just had the first audition for "THE CRUCIBLE" last night, and now have a call back for next Tuesday. I think that they said that we would know if we were cast by the following Sunday (8-25-02). So I'll let you know how that goes a.s.a.p.
I have been redoing the house. Getting rid of some of the clutter...you know, that fung shui thing, even added a small fountain by the front door. It's never a bad idea to give the house a good cleaning, now and then, anyway. I don't know if you have found my karma link but it wouldn't hurt to read it, and it doesn't take a whole lot of time... Who knows, it could make your life better. It seems to work for me.
My oh my, I hope you didn't hold your breath waiting for the next update. 'Cause you be dead.
The show started last Friday, and continues until next Saturday (6-8-02). I think that so far last Saturday was the best. Having no air conditioning on opening night didn't really help with those dances..., and Sat. I had gum :)
I have a meeting with the owners of the store that I work for tomorrow. I think that there will be big changes in the next month, or so, but I don't like to talk about things before they happen, so that news will have to wait for a while.
Everything in the garden looks good. The rain has really helped out. With the show, and work I don't think I could have kept up with the watering it would have needed. I added a-lot of new things, and they are still alive, so I'm happy. As always if you are in the area, and some of you are, support the theater - and go see a good show...
And I managed to get a new writing into the "writings II page. If you have the time...read it, and tell me what you think.
Haven't been here for awhile again, huh. Well, I'm once again in a play. It's FOOTLOOSE, and I have the part of coach Dunbar. We started rehearsals last week, and yesterday we had our first singing rehearsal...the next is tomorrow night. Parts of the site here have been updated, like "tales from the garden", for one, and the outdoor cams are usually on if nothing else.
Well things change, don't they...except for that part where I'm single. I've been playing on the computer a-lot. That's about all I have been doing, it's mostly to cold to go outside still, and I didn't audition for any show...so there's just the computer. Enough for now.......-d
O.K. we've got a new look for the home page (wee haa!). I'm becoming more of the mind that simple is better, or at least easier to get through... As always your comments are welcome (or even encouraged).
Hey there, new year is going well so far... I have an audition for a play the first part of next week. It's M*A*S*H*, and I'm sure that everyone knows what that is about. Not much else exciting going on besides that.
All is new again, and every thing is fine...and you?

Miss me??? No word from me since October, huh.
What's up...we are doing a Christmas show this Saturday night...have a rehearsal for it tonight, and that will be it for this year (not that there is much left of it, anyway.
10-11 01
Hi there, just one more rehearsal before show time, so I thought I should get in here and say so. Are we ready...yes. Will it be good...yes. I think that this group must be protected by something. I think that because it always seems that we have to go through a-lot just to put on a show...and that's all I'm going to say.
First, I'm sorry for not having been here for awhile...I did get cast in Dracula, and am currently into rehearsals.
The web cam will be on a-lot this weekend because there will probably be much to see, at least at night. There is the famed fest going on, and this year I'm broadcasting the alley (yea). It's the yahoo web cam on the menu, and the really interesting part will be when darkness falls, but it's a night cam so you should be able to see it...tell me what you think.
Auditions for DRACULA are tonight...surprise, I haven't been here for awhile. Been outside a-lot, working on things. It's summer, you know. Well anyway, auditions are tonight, and I'll be there, but for now I have to go.
Tonight is opening night... After 2 months of rehearsals it always seems to get here so fast, but it looks ready.
Well the play starts this Friday (Alice in Wonderland), and everything seems to be falling into place. Once everyone is in costume it should look really good...can't wait to see that. I spent most of my free time yesterday making mine...at least the furry bits, and with the make-up I think it will look good.
There is a new dog in my house. His name is Maxwell (when I'm not calling him Malcom), and he started out to be just a temp guest. I had told the ARRF (Animal Rescue and Relief) people that I would be willing to be a foster home to a dog while he was waiting to be adopted. I thought that it would be a good way to find out if I would be willing to have another, but they thought that he should stay here instead. I guess I'm starting to get use to the idea. I now have the adoption papers...all I have to do is fill them out. Yeah, I'm sure I will.
So how am I doing...not to bad. I find myself being strong for Adams sake.
1- Because it's the only thing that I can do for him now, and
2- I keep thinking that if I think about him with sadness it will interrupt the transition that he is going through (in the afterlife, you know), because he would want to comfort me. I'm happy in the knowledge that he is becoming whole again, and I can't be sad at that. Those things, and I try to stay busy...there's always stuff to do. So that's how I'm doing.
Rehearsals, by the way are coming right along. Have to be off book by Monday, but that won't be hard to do. We have about 3 weeks to go before show time. See you later.
Adam passed away at 11 a.m. this morning after a valiant fight. His death was peaceful, dignified, and with me here at his side. I couldn't have ask for more.
Last Monday at the vets office I told him that I wanted to bring him home for a week to see what I could do, and we did a-lot in that week. They say that dogs know when death is near, when given time to prepare, and I saw that in Adam. If given the choice I would have wanted him to stay, but he had been through to much. So at times during the week I talked to him of the things that he might see. I told him about the only other 2 dogs that I knew well, Lady (a black lab), and Caesar (who looked much like Adam). I told him that they were good, and would take care of him, and not to worry about me. As any good dog would.
This morning I came home from work, and he was breathing extremely heavy, and I knew that it was time. I called mom, and dad and told them that they should come up. After I got off the phone I told Adam that it was o.k. to go, and I wanted him to "run with the puppies". I had told him earlier in the week that he would do that. Then I ask Caesar, and Lady to come help Adam, and let him know that it would be o.k., and show him what to do. Then mom, and dad walked in the door, and he passed away. There are a-lot of sites to help you with the passing of pets. This tells the story of where they go. Rainbow Bridge
I will miss Adam, but I am glad that he was with me. There are much worse places that dogs can end up. There are many dogs, and cats who need homes, and what they give in return far out weights their loss. I would rather remember Adam for all of those other things, and the bite I currently have on my finger (he really didn't want his medicine).
I don't know about the rest of you who have dogs, but I have learned in the last week if they shake your hand at the vets office -it is not good news. At least I don't remember ever having them shake my hand before...
Adam, for those of you who don't know, is my dog of 12 years, and not one to miss a vet appointment if I see the slightest thing wrong with him. He had been going quiet a bit in the last 2 months because of trouble walking. Which turned out to be a combination of arthritis, and torn knee ligaments. The good news was that he was walking pretty good again, the bad news was that they had found a large tumor mass in his liver, as well as several smaller ones... e.i. no operation is going to help. Last Thursday I was told that he had 6 months to maybe a year, if really lucky -2. Today, after he had stopped eating much of anything last Friday I was told that his time had come a-lot sooner. It could have been today, but I was given the 2nd option of pills to stop the vomiting, and an antibiotic to see if I could get him back to eating, and improved health in general. I know that this option is really just for my benefit, and not for his. Just to kind of get ready for the next step, but I'm glad that it was offered.
I'm really trying to not feel sorry for myself, because it was a good 12 years, and he was always there when I needed him. Pets are great for that, and in turn I did my best for him... Just ask anyone who tried to get me to go out somewhere at night. I always had to get home to see Adam, and spend time with him, because I had been away at work, or rehearsals. So I don't have regrets about not caring for him enough. His needs always came first. Which explaines why he has a doctor, and I don't.
Just thought I'd come back and tell you that I am now in "ALICE IN WONDERLAND", as the March Hare. I still don't know what that means, but I was told that I get to go to the tea party!!! I'd say more, but I was just here yesterday.
O.K., so I have not been here for a sometime. Just to bring you up to date...the last play has ended, and I had an audition Tuesday for "ALICE IN WONDERLAND"...yea that means there may be another play to do. I don't think that I have ever read or seen this story so it was a little tough to know what to do when reading. I really didn't have a certain character favorite (kind of like the last play), but I was glad with how the last show turned out, so I don't worry. I'll let you know how it turned out...we should know by tonight.
This spring I had a fence built around the rest of the property, so I could have some privacy, and not have to worry (hopefully) about any "fest" anymore. The "woodlands" outside are doing well. We finally had rain. That's usually all it takes to get stuff moving. I have made two benches, and put out two chairs out now (a first-that means that I can sit outside now). Next up, I think I'll paint the house (mint green). Sounds good anyway.
Boy it's been a while...here's what's going on. The play has about 2 weeks left to go before showtime, and I think that it will be more than ready, and more than funny. That means things are going good.
I put new writings on the page...if you get that far, and as always...tell me what you think...please.
For right now I have to finish laundry before I go to work, so I have to get out of here.
Hi there, on Sunday we will have our third rehearsal, so there isn't too much to say so far. Except for the fact that I am drunk in one part of the show. I think I remember how to do that, and given my line of work I certainly have enough examples... This will be the first play in a while where I don't have to kiss anyone, and I'm sure they are happy for that. Other than that everything's the same.
Yep, I'm in a show...oh happy days. Congratulations to Shelly for getting through yet another casting process...you know that has to be the toughest part of the whole deal 'cause she likes everybody, but it's over now, and we can have fun. I'm really looking forward to be around people who understand the attraction of the stage, again. Not to mention it will keep me out of trouble...and for those of you that I get to see on Monday night...you have no idea how happy that makes me.
Auditions tonight!!! Thank God. That means at 7 p.m. I have something to do, and with other people... It's a big cast, so I'm hoping to be in there somewhere. It seems like forever since we've done anything, and in reality it's probably more like 8 weeks, but that combined with the fact that it is winter is a little too much. Even for me...
If I have time I'll add a new link in the page. You'll just have to go there, and find out who. I better go for now, I'll let you know how it turned out. Probably by Fri. or Sat. we should know.
Just all kinds of new stuff for you. The first has got to be the new page design...I'm hoping that it's going to make it easier, and faster for you to get through. Let me know what you think (through e-mail), and please tell me if something is not working , 'cause from where I sit it looks like it does. You can thank James (webmaster on the C.A.T.S. page) for giving me the knowledge to get it to this point, and speaking of C.A.T.S. (our theater sight)... It has under gone a total make over, and now has pics from not only the current projects, but also archives from the past shows... Please visit it (it's in the "link" page), and you can see what it is that I love so much.
Auditions for the next show...and thank God for that...are going to be Jan. 31 at Miners Theater, in our beautiful downtown. I think they are around 7 p.m. if that's wrong I'll come back and change it. Talk to you soon.
You get a brand new page to start the year, and a few other things..... Let's start out with the one that always seems to be the most important: the web cam (yea) I know that you don't like the slow, if never changing of the picture...so now you have a button below that to try. I'll keep the other 'cause I always have a picture on it unlike the new link. There are 2 new writings to look at...if you get past that web cam thing, though their not exactly uplifting, and the final new thing of the new year...I'm still single, to answer the question that I know has had you all teetering on your seats. Apparently I think that I'm still young enough to not settel for something that wouldn't bring me to a higher level, thanks for caring.

The Historic Miners Theater
O.K. it's 5 minutes to 8, and I have to be at work by 8... I just wanted to stop by to tell those who know me (upclose, and personal like) that no matter what happens today...for the rest of you it's because I got a date...I'd go into detail, but I have to be quick. Anyway, for the last few day's this little voice inside my head has been telling me things, (not to mention coming out in the writings). but we'll see what happens. I don't see it as stopping me from the whole dating thing though...hell, I've come this far. Who knows, I could be wrong....I'll let you know later.....and thanks for asking.

Hey, it's almost Christmas, and things are busy, but just as an added note, and to sound real special: For my local friends, all of you who stopped by, for those of you who sent an e-mail, and /or signed the guestbook. I would like to say, you have my sincere thanks, and hopes that you will be blessed with the same good fortune that I have been, in the coming year. With a deeper understanding of yourself, and those around you, and a greater tolerance for the ignorant (or a quick wit!). It's been a very good year for me, and you can all take a little credit in that. I look forward to hearing from all of you in the coming year. Have a Happy - whatever it is you are doing, and may you find true love, peace, and happiness.
No show to do now...I have to be me again...hey anybody out there doing a play!!! O.K. if you haven't guessed, it's now over...at least until spring. Of course that means that auditions are probably in January, so I guess that's not to long to go, huh. I might even get a chance to finish the bathroom. Not to much left to do in there, just some painting. Same with the kitchen floor, but I can't polyurethane during the winter 'CAUSE I'LL DIE.
Well, one show down, and I think it went very well. Just one more to do , and that's in about 2 hours. I just wanted to stop by, and tell you how it was going, for those keeping up with the saga, "God bless us everyone".
For those of you in or near my area or if you just like to travel long distances, the Christmas show is this Sat. at 7:30 p.m., and Sun at 2 p.m. If you need something to kick off the season, and get you in the mood, this it it...tiny Tim, and all. I've got just about everything done that I wanted to before it got here...which means that the house is decorated, including the new porch (it's looks done anyway-the rest will have to wait until next year...it's too cold).
This year has gone by fast, and just look at the things that I've learned to do:
- things on the computer for one, and most important...,
- how to roof (didn't want to learn that),
-how to build a porch (it wasn't as bad as how to do a roof, but I would have been happy just putting in the detail),
-how many people pay attention to when the cam it's on, that's o.k. it makes for more people to talk to on icq or aim, and more to sign the guestbook (HINT, and by the way...if you haven't done it yet...).
If you haven't noticed, icq is always on, if you want to send a message when I'm not here (that's the joy of a cable modem). The cam could actually be on non-stop also, but I'm not sure if I want to do that yet, though I do have the software for streaming video, I'd hate for everyone to see how much I actually talk to the dog. On the bright side, at least I don't wait for an answer.....I don't. Be good, be back.
SCROOGE, yes that's who I'll be playing in the Christmas show, though I'm sure that I got the part due to my acting ability, and not because I bear any resemblance to the character. I've always wanted to do this show, and of course, play Scrooge. It's one of those shows that I have to see every Christmas, or Christmas is not complete. Rehearsals begin tonight, oh boy...I can't wait to yell at people.
At home all I have left to do to the porch is to put the decking on the roof, just 2 more warm days is all I want. Then I can decorate it for Christmas. O.K. got to go to work, latter.
Auditions, Auditions, Auditions....it must be about time, because I'm almost done cleaning the house, building the porch, and other stuff that will be done one day. In fact they will be this Thurs. at 7 p.m. (for those of you who keep up). It's for "A Community Christmas", and among other things (like Christmas songs), there will be 3-one act plays.
Jeff, my computer man, says that he will come over and load windows again (yes it's still messing up). You may have noticed the picture on the cam hasn't changed...just one of the problems going on, but one day it will all be better, (hopefully not one day like the one day I'll finish the kitchen floor). Bye now.
Another show is over, and a special one at that (we did get to do the Halloween show, by the way). For those of you who didn't get to see it...yes it was good, yes I always say that, but that's because the theater group doesn't do any less with their shows, and one day many more people will find that out. I think that it's something that should be showcased in the City Scoop (the city hall newsletter), and the Downtown Newsletter. To think that a town is offered this quality of entertainment from volunteers is something that needs to be written about, and if you ask me it's their job , and that of the newspapers to seek us out, but that probably won't happen, so I guess it's up to us.
Auditions for the next show will be coming up soon (never too soon), it's a Christmas one you know. Everybody likes a Christmas show. That's about all I know about it so far (that, and it will be good).
Well, the last I heard, and as far as I know (now it's for sure)...there will be a show at Miners on Halloween at 8:30 p.m.. I'm not sure if everyone else is happy about it, but I am (are you kidding, another chance to be on stage). Rehearsal is suppose to be this Sunday, and a meeting on Monday night to decide the next show. This will be the first time that I get to be in on this. I'm assuming that it will be something Christmas.
I'm getting closer to having that roof fixed ('bout time) it was that or coming up with an indoor waterfall type of thing... The computer hasn't been working to well, and I've exhausted all things that I can try. I'm told that another fan, and a replaced memory chip will do it, I hope so. I'm very tired of the illegal operation message. In fact there is one hovering above me at this very moment, just waiting to stop me from doing things on here. Enough from me, see you latter.
How about an update huh...well I have spent the last few days attempting to fix the computer..I may have almost done it. Some how I got the love letter virus??? So I had to download the anti virus program again...among other things that were wrong with it, but it's almost back to normal now.
FRANKENSTEIN.... is going well, it's not perfect yet, but I base that on my performance. I think we all think it's a good show, if we ourselves are happy with our own performance. Don't get me wrong...it's good, but just a little bit more will make it perfect. You always have to strive for that...we are all doing really, really good though. I knew it would be a good show, and we might have a encore performance on Halloween night, which would be a very good thing. I'll let you know.
Hey take the poll (new addition) it's under the October journal button you pushed to get in here.
New month... The play is now starting to look somewhat like it's going to. I say somewhat, because the lines are not quiet down yet, but they are getting there. Which is good, 'cause there's not much time left now... It will be good. I think everyone knows that now. I just love this role, and I think everyone knows that too.
Not too many other new things. I haven't got to work on the kitchen floor for awhile, because of the memorizing going on. I did take the time yesterday to make a Halloween Page...ooohhh. Where I am hoping to put the stories that you (yes you) send me. I'm really just looking for true ghost stories...things that may have happened to you. So if you want to see them here, just e-mail them to me, and I'll get them on, but hurry...you don't have much time.
Must memorize lines...must memorize lines. I haven't had any time in the last few weeks to do that, and you can't really have that character until then, but other than that I'm fine with everything. Not much else to say about it yet 'cause it's still in it's baby stage...at least I'm not alone.
At home the kitchen floor is now more done than not, and I have come to enjoy the smell of polyurethane...yummmm. I'm going to have the roof fixed next week....at least that's what the guy who's going to do it said...with a little fence going around the top (widows walk), and hopefully an overhang for the door area, like a really small porch.
Thought of the day:
-money made off the misery of others will never bring happiness.
Victor Frankenstein...I thought that I would just come out and say it since I know that some of you have been waiting...well, that's who I am (yea). Rehearsals started last night, and it's going to be one of those -keep the audience on the edge of their seats shows- . This is a good part...I mean a really good part. The kind that I use to avoid because of the intensity of the emotions involved, but I have learned to love those...even thrive on them while on stage. I love it when the actors feed off each other, and these seem to be the kind of people who will...oh boy. It's seems like such a long time since I got a role like this, I'm so happy.
In other things, I moved on from painting the bathroom floor to the kitchen floor (green and white check) this is going to take a little longer, but it looks very good so far. The hard part is moving the furniture around to paint while keeping a path so I can still use the kitchen. Each square has to be painted at least twice, and then the polyurethane (which has to dry over night). So I can do about a 3 x 3 area a day...not to mention keeping the dog off it. I figure in about a week it will be done...I hope.
Thoughts of the day:
-If you did half of the things that you think you should...think of where you would be now.
-As hard as it is to fathom...maybe it's not really "them" that's the problem.....-
Well. we had auditions.....I thought that mine went, and felt really, really well. I don't know if anyone else did, but I did... If I can connect to the character (Victor Frankenstein....o.k. Dr. Frankenstein), and the emotion that fast, it must have been good...right. Oh well, we'll see. Now we just wait until it's announced, and wait.
Moving on, the bathroom is almost done. I decided to paint the vanity too, and the floor...might as well do it all huh. Be back when everyone knows who's who....in the play that is.
Thoughts of the day:
-If you don't teach them, they will learn from someone else.
-Transferring your anger to others never makes you feel better about yourself.
Well, didn't have to wait long for this, did you??? Auditions for Frankenstein are this coming Monday, and Tuesday. I had just enough time to paint the bathroom (keep in mind, when I say "paint the bathroom" I don't mean a solid color), or at least it should be done by then...didn't want free time anyway, just have to think of things to do. I also had time to get stung by a bee (and by the amount of swelling in my hand, I'm thinking that I'm allergic to them) on Sunday...it's almost back to normal now...and how was your week?
Thoughts of the day:
-If your intention is not honorable, your goal becomes meaningless.
-Always behave as a role model...you never know who might be looking up to you (and what influence you might have on them).
Hey, twice in as many weeks...just like the old days.
I heard that Peter Pan has gotten better with each show...not bad, and probably what I would say too. It's fun, a-lot of fun, even though the Pirates don't get to be out there enough, but enough to make an impression, I hear. I was told that my niece crawled up on her mom or dads lap every time that Captain Hook came out, that's funny.
Well I don't want to over do it, you may get use to it, so I'll go...... Two more shows left, Fri., and Sat. can't wait.
Thoughts for today:
-never turn down honest help
-never let you're ego overtake your judgement
-it has been my experience that when you say negative things more negative things find their way to your home (it wasn't until a few years ago that I found this one to be absolutely true...pay attention)
How you ever got through July without me, I don't know, but since the play starts this week I thought I should get back here to give you an update... It's ready, or at least it will be in 5 days. The best thing about it has got to be the pirates...they kick ass all over the place...little kid ass...Indian ass...they're just a bunch of ass kickers. If you need reminded of my part...yes, I am a pirate...an ass kickin pirate...kick ass, will travel. I felt bad about not updating sooner, that is until I checked out C.A.T.S. page...hehehehe...just kidding. PETER PAN starts this Friday and runs through 2 weekends...if you're around. So now you know what's going on with the show, on to other things.
THE FENCE IS UP , and what a big fence it is, and just to bring me luck...the dead tree is down. We'll see what changes happen now (feng shui wouldn't like the dead things around). I can't tell you how happy the fence makes me...it changes things so much, not to mention, makes them look better. I love my fence...and it's rained enough this year to make the garden look good...and large. Which is good, because I haven't had a-lot of watering time, and the rain does better than I can anyway.
O.K. enough for now...thanks for asking where I was...be back soon...probably.
Oh, how I know that you've been waiting for this....a new month, a new page to look at, and now you have it...because I care......
Now that you're settled in let's get updated... New Show...Peter Pan...new cast, and I get to be in it. If you are wondering who I am, go to the all new "Play Resume" page and find out...oh sure it would be easy just to say it, but then why have another page????? Speaking of another page...try out "tales from the garden" to have a little bit of an understanding of what I had to go through just for what I have today...
I'm still searching for the perfect cam software, cause I am unhappy with the one I have (it doesn't seem to update every 15 sec.), and I don't like the places where you have to share a page with others....so I search.
It's now summer, and I seem to be constantly watering the woods...soon to have one less dead tree, and a brand new (as tall as I can get) fence along one side of it. That, I hope, will help to shade it somewhat...not to mention give at least a little privacy. I'm hoping for it to be sturdy enough to damage cars when they hit it...which they do frequently with the current one (bastards). That's life in the little city (bastards). Maybe by the next time I update some of those things will be done, and I will be living a more natural life.
Guess what.....AUDITIONS, AUDITIONS, AUDITIONS.....yep! This Saturday...my how time flies. If you remember this one is Peter Pan...oh, what am I saying...of course you remember. Well anyway I can't wait.
I've been working outside on the landscaping, garden, forest, what ever you want to call it...I've been out there making more of it. You can never have too much green space..especially downtown. It's very healing to see all the green, and the birds, etc. It's just plain good for everything...dog likes it too.
So, you still keeping up...o.k. I put one more song on the writings page...actually I've had it for awhile, but finally got it to work...go listen.......I'm going to go for now-probably talk to you soon...really.
Shows over......sad, sad, sad....you get use to being with the same people for many hours each week, and all of the sudden they're not there any more. I think it's a good thing that it's only 3 weeks until the next auditions... Although you know that some of the people that you got to know won't be there, and new one's will take their place. It's like changing families...you play getting to know you all over again, and when you do...it's over, shows done...
The play went extremely well...if Shelly sends me, or puts up pictures from it (hint, hint) I'll let you know. To let you know how well it went...I never heard one bad comment about it...not even a unimportant one...but that's always the goal, right.
Now, it's on to Peter Pan. I found the book online (you can find anything online) and am currently reading it. I don't remember ever seeing the whole thing before. So I have to find out who everyone is, and what they are like...homework, you know. In between time I'll try to get things done around here, like have the big dead tree cut down, and maybe have a new fence put up, one that it car proof (living downtown, people tend to run into things that they wouldn't elsewhere). If it keeps raining like it has, I'll have that woods outside that I've always dreamed of by the end of the summer.
Well, if you didn't come into see it from wherever you are...you missed a good three shows, really... I tell you what-there is really nothing like being in front of a live audience. If I could have my dream job-that's what it would be. We have two more shows this Fri. and Sat. before it's over, and I have to go back to an ordinary life again, but guess what....Auditions for Peter Pan are at the end of the month (yea). So hopefully life won't be so ordinary for too long. Enough for now, have fun.
Guess what???? I haven't been here for awhile...did you notice?
Show opens tonight, and it's been fun. Even got the dance right last night-'bout time...so I ain't worried no more, no more. I'm really looking forward to it. I've been in shows with a bigger part, but musicals really get people excited, besides, the few people who have seen it so far like my character...so I'm going in the right direction.
If you're anywhere near the Theatre - go see it - you got two weekends to pick from, and if you do...tell me what you thought, in person (unless you're a stalker) or through e-mail.
Have to go get ready now...be good.
...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...I'm getting slower wit de updates, it's the play you know... Things are going well...if not a tad slow...but it's begining to show what it's going to be, and everyone who is there is happy about it. It will be great, they always are.
Been having trouble with my server for the last 5 or 6 nights...it likes to go off at 6 or 7 for about 5 or so hours-don't they just suck... So if you're not sure what's going on (like am I being even more elusive) that's why...but sooner or latter it does come back, and I do get the messages...so don't worry.
This is going to be short 'cause I still have too many things to do before rehearsal (boy it's nice to be able to say that) tonight, so I have to let you go for now...o.k.
Hey, it's been awhile...but if you've been paying attention I've been busy working on things here, like the songs on the writings page... They're tiny little albums to click on at the bottom of it. I only pick out the good songs, so it's worth a trip. Besides it will give you something to listen to while you read (yea).
Everything is going really good here...I'm telling you people - FENG SHUI - find out about it, and use it...o.k. you don't have to, but last year was a good year for me, and this one is even better(for those of you who know me...I do have 4 books and a video, should you care to learn). It also helps to do things that are good for you, and keep as much negative out as you can. Just take notice of how many negative things are out there, you may see how much is surrounding you, and believe me it's not always easy to get rid of it, so just try to avoid it. Most of the time it's attitudes that are the most influencing, in one way, or the other. So do what you can, and maybe others will follow (now - work...that's a whole different story...just drop it when you leave).
Other than that little speech, I don't have a-lot else to say for now, except, the play is moving right along...I like the character, and starting to get use to singing (in front of people)...keep up with the changes.
New page...new month...new stuff...what are you thinking...It's been an interesting week, and it's only Wednesday. Had our first real rehearsal last night...it's going to be a good show, I can tell already.
Got something for you...go to the "game" page...it doesn't take very long to do...let me know what you think.
If you stop by the writings page..new things will be going on now, if not soon...you can let me know what you think of that also.

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