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It's one of those mornings when I smell cigar smoke in the house again. This time it seems to be coming from the basement. I guess everyone wants to be part of the Holidays. #GhostOfChristmasPast

curtain in bedroom mirror in bathroom shelf and bottle
I had an interesting experience last night. Wesley (the dog), and I were upstairs in the bedroom, and I looked across the room, and noticed the sheer curtain on one of the windows had fallen. The rod for the curtain is held up by two hooks, so I thought it was strange that it would fall, but I went over and fixed it. When I got back into bed it fell again. I went back over and put it back up on the hooks, and the dog sat up on the bed, and stared across the room for the next 10 minutes... How a curtain rod could lift up off the hooks, and fall is a little odd, but it has also never done this in the many years that it has hung there.
This has not been the only thing falling lately. In the above photos you can see the room with the curtain, Then there is the mirror that fell the other day. I was not at home at the time, but I found it on the floor beneath the spot that it hangs. It did not break, but it was on the floor. and in the final photo is the shelf that after years of being in the same spot all of the sudden I find it tilting to the right. The bottle atop the telephone fell this morning as well. I guess we are currently being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past again.

1, December 2016
Had an iron cross move in the living room yesterday. There is a heavy iron cross that sits on the coffee table, and yesterday when I walked into the living room I noticed that it had shifted it's position from where it normally sits. the first 2 photos is where it shifted, and last 2 where it is normally.

iron cross where it was moved to iron cross where it was moved to iron cross in it's regular place iron cross in it's regular place

4 November, 2016
Things are moving in the house. They are not moving far from their place, just a little. Just enough to notice they have moved. Take this Vase for example, it always sits in the corner on the floor in the downstairs bathroom. I notice yesterday when I walked in that it had moved, as you can see. Not a great amount of distance, but I was did not move it, and I know the dog did not. As I said in the beginning, this is not the only thing moving. Below you will see the 2 photos of the vase that moved.
vase in it's regular place vase where it was moved to

18, July 2016
I walked into an unused bedroom in the house the other day and found this hand print was left on the bed cover. I should point out that it is only myself, and the dog in the house, and I had had no visitors, of the earthly type, anyway.

04 May 2016
Awaken about 4 in the morning by the sound of footsteps moving quickly across either the hallway, or one of the other two upstairs bedrooms along the hallway. After that, all was quiet again.

08 January 2016
A Female spirit in the downstairs bathroom???
I came downstairs this morning, and when I went into the bathroom I found the toilet seat, and lid both in the down position. You may remember that happening last year with the bathroom on the second floor. In fact I looked it up, and it was also in January, but on the 23 of the month (It happened on the14 of April 2015 as well) . At that time I had said that I never leave them down. In this latest case I had used this bathroom just prior to going upstairs for the night, so I do know that both the lid, and the seat were up. Friendly reminder from the feminine past I suppose, but was it technically a ghost, or poltergeist? Here is the definition a Poltergeist: This is a german word meaning "Noisy Ghost." If you are in the presence of a poltergeist, you will know because this type of ghost can physically move, throw, smash, or misplace objects. These ghosts can move objects to draw your attention, scare you, or just be mischievous and play tricks on you by moving something so you can not find it. This is also commonly confused with telekinesis in which someone can move something with their mind, without physically touching the object. Who knows...

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