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23 November 2013
While working on the Christmas decorations outside today, I heard a ladies voice say "Well". It sounded like she was pleasantly surprised, but when I turned to see who it was, no one was there. Very strange, but at least she sounded happy.

20 August 2015
Woke up just before 2 a.m. to the sounds of many, many children laughing, and playing in the room next to mine. Wesley was awake as well. It went on until I got up, and then it stopped. Very strange indeed, I had never heard that many children in the house before. It sounded like they were having quite a good time.

12 June 2015
A strange thing happened the night before last. Wesley and I were just finishing up our nightly walk. We are coming back to the house, and when we get to the front, he starts barking, and barking at something, or someone in the middle of the street. I see nothing, but the hair on his back is raised up, and he just keeps barking. He wants to go to the middle of the street, and I have to pull him back. Very weird.

05 June 2015
While working on old recipes for the Vintage Blog this morning, and I look around to see that all 3 of the clocks in the kitchen have stopped. 2 were battery operated, and one was electric. I guess someone didn't want me bothered by time. I could see one of the battery operated clocks stopping, or maybe even two on the same day, but the electric one as well? Strange.

16 May 2015
It has been a while since I have had something disappear, only to reappear later, but that is what happened to me the other day. The difference this time is the amount of time it took to reappear, and the amount of effort I put into finding it.
It was about 2 weeks ago, and the item was my electronic cigarette. It was one of those days that I had been everywhere in the house, as well as outside working in the gardens. I had noticed when I was going up to the 2nd floor that I didn't have my e-cigarette. I always keep it in my pocket, but I thought I had left it on the desk in the Library downstairs. I went upstairs to another desk up there do do a little work on the computer, and when I came back down I went to the first desk to get mu e-cigarette, but it was not there. I looked around the house, I even went back up to the 2nd desk to look there, but I could not find it.
It dawned on me that I must have dropped it outside, so off I went to look for it in all the places that I thought I had been, but it was nowhere, or at least I could not see it.

The next day I looked for it again, in all the same places...the first desk, the second desk, inside and outside, but still could not find it. I did this for a few days, and decided that it was time to buy a new battery. I still had one, but it's a little tough to be caught with a dead battery, and the need for nicotine... I then forgot about the e-cigarette until a couple of days ago.
Each day, at least once in the morning, and once at night I have to visit the desk up on the second floor. I switch a camera to another view in the day, different to that of one at night, I also turn on a light on that desk at night. It was at a time when I was switching one of the cameras that I looked down, and right next to the camera plug-in (the one that I switch every day) I saw my lost e-cigarette sitting next to it. I know that It hadn't been sitting there all that time, because there was no way I could have missed it. I mean that it was right next to the very plug-in that I had been switching every day since I lost it. In fact it was sitting right between the lamp on the desk, and the camera plug-in.
As I said in the beginning of this tale, it was the longest that something of mine has gone missing in the house. Something that I needed, anyway. Who knows how many things there could be that I am not concerned about, or looking for...

14 April 2015
For the 2nd time in less than 3 months this same strange event has occurred. The only difference from the first time is that it happened at some point during the day, instead of at night. I went to the 2nd floor, walked into the bathroom, only to find the seat, and lid were down on the commode. If you didn't get to read the story from the first time it happened, or you have forgotten, let me state again that this is not something that I ever do. The seat, and lid are always up...unless there is a reason that I have to stand on it, and there wasn't that day. Bathroom specters, that's a scary thought.

08 April 2015
Loud Noises
I did have a strange occurrence last night around 11 p.m. First while in the kitchen I heard a loud noise in the house. I thought maybe Wesley had fallen off the couch, or knocked something over, but no, that did not happen. About a minute after that I heard a really loud crash. I was sure that something large had fallen somewhere in the house, but I looked everywhere, on all 3 floors, and found nothing. I even looked around outside, expecting to find a tree had fallen, but no...nothing there.

09 Feburary 2015
Shadow Alert!
Today while I was on the 2nd floor putting laundry into the washer I saw a shadow person move past me. At first I thought it was the dog, but I didn't hear his clicking toenails on the floor, and when I went to look for him he was coming out of the upstairs bathroom.

Area where a shadow passed by me. Haunted
This is a room that I am currently working on...painting, rearranging, and restoring that "old feel" that it should have. I wouldn't say that it scared me, since at first I thought it was Wesley, but in hindsight it did pass by very close. That's a little creepy.

23 January 2015
A Female spirit in the upstairs bathroom???
I awoke this morning, and like most people the first thing is a trip to the bathroom. Only this time it was a little different. When I walked into the bathroom the seat, and lid to the commode were down. While some people may be in the habit of doing that, I never do. It may stem from the fact that I don't like touching them, but never the less, it is not something that I do. One may think, well maybe you were temporarily insane the day before, but just that day before I had wiped off the rim of the bowl with disinfecting wipes. Not the entire toilet, just the rim of the bowl itself, and to do that the seat, and lid would have to be up.
I realize that is is just my word, but I assure you, my word has always been good enough for me. :)
It should also be noted that I am in the process of changing 2 rooms around up stairs, and re-painting/re-decorating one of them.

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