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My they happen.
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31 August 2013:
Saturday morning I had gotten up, came downstairs, and I usually have enough coffee left over from the previous day to warm up one cup as I am waiting for the coffee maker to make a fresh batch. So I set my coffee cup in the microwave to warm it up. I then went into the living room to turn off the window lights, and when I came back into the kitchen I find a second empty coffee cup sitting next to the microwave...Mine was inside where I had put it???

08 August 2013:
This incident happened on the same day as the previous photo, and I was still sitting at the computer about 2 feet away when I heard the red pillow fall. Wesley usually does that when he is on the loveseat, but about 15 minutes latter Wesley came into the room, jumped onto the love seat, and knocked off the pillow...I hadn't picked the pillow up from the first time I had heard it fall...
While sitting at my computer this candle dish sitting on a bookshelf directly behind me flipped over and fell 5 feet without breaking, but spilling all of it's contents. all over the floor.
Since these two incidents are a little more active than the norm I feel that I should again point out that I do not make these happenings up. They are not fake. I only report them as they they happen.
10 July 2013:
I heard a loud bang in the house? The dog ran in from the living room. Don't know what it was. Someone on the facebook page mentioned that a loud sound such as that signifies that a spirit has entered the house. That's funny because latter that night when the dog and I were in my upstairs bedroom he suddenly sits up on the bed and begins to bark at nothing at all.
09 June 2013:
Just felt & heard 2 knocks under my feet coming from the basement room below.

26 May 2013:
Today I was watching the news, and Wesley wanted to go outside, so out we went. When I came back in I noticed there was no sound coming from the television, but a commercial was on, so I thought it was just in the commercial. When the news came back on there was still no sound. I picked up the remote, and it seems that the T.V. had muted itself. I had to turn the mute button off to get the sound to resume. Weird... 05 May 2013:
I heard what sounded like a young child running across the floor in the room above me. I was sitting in the living room, and it would have been in the bedroom directly above me. I went up, but found nothing.

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