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28 September 2012:
Two days ago while I was sitting at the computer in the library downstairs I heard "knock, knock, knock, knock...". So I got up to answer the door. On my way out of the room I notice Wesley, who is at the entrance to the room has not heard the knocking, and I'm thinking "Why didn't they ring the doorbell, or knock on the door?" My outer door is glass, and the sound I heard was from knocking on the wall.By the time I got to the door and saw no one was there, I realized that the sound was from knocking on the wall, or from knocking on the floor from upstairs.
20 September 2012:
I received the Spirit Box a few weeks ago, and have played with it a few times, but not for very long as I have been to busy to dedicate much time to it. It works by scanning very quickly through radio stations, so what you hear is sound bits of each station as it goes through...too fast for an entire word, if they are talking. Yesterday I was cooking in the kitchen (I usually just microwave something since that's faster), and since I was going to be there for a while I turned on the Spirit Box, As it's going through it's scan I hear a little kid say "Daddy". I thought that was kind of odd, but I wasn't going to say anything about it, because I thought I might have just imagined it. A few minutes pass by when the same little kid voice says "Daddy" again.

23 August 2012:
Just a little strange: I have an under the cabinet light that decided to work when it wanted to. Meaning that you would switch it on, and eventually it would come on. I grew tired of that so yesterday I unplugged it to take it down and see if I could fix it. While taking it down it flashed light at me, mind you I had unplugged it. when I got it down I plugged it in, and it worked. I kept switching it off and on, and it still worked, so I put it back up. Got home last night and it worked great...today were back to not so great. On a side note I had all of the downstairs newly rewired when I bought the house.
21 August 2012:
Yesterday I opened the closet door in the library, and the dog stood in the doorway to the room growling. I got my EMF detector out, but it didn't really register anything abnormal. I've now had two Boston Terriers, and they are not really growlers, in fact they hardly even bark.
14 August 2012:
I'm in the living room about 2:20 p.m., and the phone rings, but it's the land line that I had disconnected over a year ago. I answer it, and a girl ask if this were the local school district? I say no, and she hung up. I then call from that phone to where I work and ask if they noticed the number that I am calling from. The guy said he saw the first 3 numbers (local), and the name of the town was the ID. I check the phone again and there's no dial tone. Why did I leave it plugged in, you ask? It's a reproduction hand crank phone that hangs on the wall in the kitchen. After it was disconnected I just left it as it was. By the way...the first day of school was the day before.

28 January 2012:
Adjacent to my bedroom is another bedroom who's double doors I keep locked at night. I was awaken this morning by a knock on those doors.
10 January 2012:
Two nights ago while making dinner I heard a dog bark in the house...and again the following night also while making dinner, but it wasn't my dog. Each night it barked just once. It was the sound of a larger dog.

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