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10 November 2011:
Just heard the sound of glass breaking, and I can't find the broken glass. I've looked upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, checked all the windows, and every corner 3 times, and the broken glass eludes me. I even went broken glass anywhere.
19 October 2011:
I was awaken last night by 4 faint rapping sounds (knock, knock, knock, knock). It sounded like it came from the door that leads to the stairs, it was closed. I listened, but heard no more.

11 September 2011:
I came downstairs this morning and found the coffee pot had been turned on....again. Some of you might remember this happening before. So did I, so I looked it up, and it was last year on Sept 2nd that I had posted this same thing occurring. The difference is now I have a different coffee pot, You still have to turn it on by pushing the switch (no timer). I found it interesting that it was almost exactly a year later.
9 September 2011:
Just wanted to mention a couple of things that happened yesterday. I'm not passing judgement on them, but still I wanted to put them into the record. First, early yesterday morning (5:30 a.m.) both the dog and I were awaken by what sounded like something falling in the stairway (I say there because the sound seemed to echo). I listened, and didn't hear anything else so I went to the hallway and turned on the light to the stairway )in case someone were breaking in), turned it back off, and went back to bed. When I got up I looked around the stairs, and the rest of the house thinking I would find something that had fallen, but I didn't.

Second: I have a bathroom off the kitchen, and when I leave for work I shut the door because Wesley likes to grab the towels and chew on them. Now he can reach up, turn the knob, and go in, but it's usually works on the "Out of site, out of mind" theory. Last night I got home from work, and saw a towel on the kitchen floor, so I knew he had been in the bathroom, but when I looked at the bathroom door it was shut. As I said, he can open the door (it opens in), but I really don't know how he would be able to pull the door shut?

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