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My they happen.
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29 October 2010:
A story for the Eve of Halloween Eve. I hat gotten home after work last night it was about 10:30, and I went upstairs to turn down the bed. After that the dog and I usually eat. As I got to the top of the stairs I caught a glimpse of the bottom of a dark shadow going into the last bedroom on the right. I say "Dark" because it was blacker than a shadow would be. I only saw the bottom because I was looking at the floor coming up the stairs. I didn't see feet, just a dark shape moving into the room. I went into my bedroom to get my digital voice recorder, but it was having problems so that was no help.
20 October 2010:
The night before last I had just gotten home from work and saw that Wesley (who had previously chewed through a camera wire), had pulled apart the splice where I had once again fixed the camera. While fixing it I had the cameras up on the computer screen so I could adjust a camera, and had come into the library (where the computer was) to see if I had the angle right. When I looked at the screen I saw a figure entering the same room that I had just come in to. I thought it was me, and the camera was delayed (even though they are in real time). So I tried it 4 more times, and did not see it again. So, was it me, or someone following me...a very creepy thought.

28 September 2010:
At about 2:30 p.m. I had just let the dog out, and came back in to get the bird seed for the birds, and I heard a Lady talking. I had no radio or T.V. on, and it stopped when I got into the back door. It didn't come from outside. It sounded close enough to be from across the room, or in the very next room. I couldn't make out what was said.
2 September 2010:
Two mornings in a row I found the coffee pot had turned on before I had made any coffee... You have to press the button down for it to come on. It's not equipped with a timer. It's kind of like when the fan turned off. The first time it could have by some chance been me, but the next morning??? As I said I had not even got the coffee ready.

20 July 2010:
During The Night... Upstairs, before I go to sleep I always turn on the overhead fan, and an oscillating fan off to the side of the bed. Last night I went to sleep about midnight, then woke up at at around 1:30. I decided to go to the bathroom, but before I did I turned on the T.V. When I came back into the room the fan was off. I thought I had forgotten to turn if on I did. It has 3 levels, Hi, Medium, and Low. Meaning, I always turn it 3 times to get to low. Which I did, and went back to bed. When I got up at 6:00 this morning I went over to turn the fan off, and it was already off. I turned the knob to see if it had just stopped working, but it came on. It had been turned all the way over into the off position.
15 July 2010:
The other night Wesley (my Boston Terrier) was on the bed upstairs and I noticed he was looking at the opposite side of the room. There is a couch that sits there. His eyes were moving around as if to look at something, but there was nothing there. I sat on the bed in front of him, and he looked around me. I waved my hand in front of him, and he still looked at the couch??? Eventually we went was time to eat.
On a side note: This morning, Wesley's right eye was shut. I'm not sure what it is, but when I got him they sent him home with eye medicine. I assume it's allergy related. So when it happens I just put the stuff in his eye. At the same time I notice a little pain in my right eye. When I looked in the mirror one side of the eye was bloody. Probably from a scratch, but it was just weird we both had it on the same the same eye.
18 May 2010:
I have posted below 2 pictures of something that happened this morning when I was out of the house. It is of a candle that sits in a metal pedestal on the coffee table in the living room. In the first picture is how it normally sits, and the second picture is of how I found it when I came home. I know that it wasn't the dog because I close the pocket door to the room when I leave. I have learned that he is still too young to be trusted with the antique things. If you notice it looks as if the candle was picked up, the base placed on the floor, and the candle set back down on the table...minus the base.

candle candle
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