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The True Story Of Mudhouse Mansion
The true tales of Mudhouse Mansion
Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned house located in Fairfield County,
Ohio, just east of Lancaster, at 4730 Mudhouse Road.
The true tales of Mudhouse Mansion
It's a very imposing, impressive place built into a hill, with a
number of outbuildings surrounding it. With its empty windows and
isolated location, Mudhouse Mansion practically screams haunted house.
And, true to form, it is one. The Mudhouse Mansion is a gloriously, fascinating abandoned house.
It was built into a hill, with a few other old buildings surrounding it.
The house was built in the early 1800's.

The true tales of Mudhouse Mansion

Many stories are told of the frighteningly gory past of the Mudhouse.
This one was back in the later 1860's after the Civil War.
The govt. official that built the house that lived in the Mudhouse up
until the 1860's after the Civil War still kept slaves. Even though it
was illegal. He was known to be very cruel to his slaves and locked
them up in the outbuildings every night. One male slave, who was tired
and angry of the treatment, dug his way out of the outbuilding, entered
the house, and murdered his masters entire family. In the morning,
locals discovered the murdered family, but by then all the slaves had
escaped. No one was ever charged of the crime. They say the family and
the slaves still haunt the abandoned building today.

This was when the hauntings picked up. The house was vacant for years,
and neighbors started hearing strange groans, and shrieks coming from
the empty mansion.
Many years later, it was said in 1892 a man moved into the Mudhouse
with his wife and his 3 children. Neighbors saw them move in, unloading
there belongings and bringing them into the house.
And then...there was nothing. Nobody saw them again. They never seemed
to leave the house, yet they were gone.

The true tales of Mudhouse Mansion

A neighbor who could see the house from her bedroom window, later
told locals that she could see a figure of a woman, all dressed in white,
standing looking out the second story window. The neighbor said the
figure was not doing anything, just standing looking out the window at
her. Each day for 10 days straight, the woman saw the woman in the
window again! Standing in the same position!
One the 10th day the woman called the police to investigate. When the
police broke into the house and got to the second floor, they were
greeted by a terrible sight.All of the 5 family members were hanging
lifeless from the ceiling. They were all dressed in white gowns and it
appeared they had taken there own life. The figure in the window they
had seen was a woman. The mother of the family. She had been handing
from the ceiling in front of the window...for 10 whole days.
After that nobody lived in the house and it remained vacant to this day.
People still try to come see the abandoned house, but the current owner
is very strict about anyone entering the property.

The true tales of Mudhouse Mansion

In 1839 and in 1852 Christian and Eleanor Rugh purchased the property
from Abraham Kagy and Henry Byler. The year it was built is uncertain,
there are reports that it was built in the 1840's or maybe around 1900.
The house was sold to Henry and Martha Hartman in 1910. When Henry
Hartman died in 1930, the property went to his daughter and is now
owned by the Mast family.