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Watch Two of the Latest Real Ghost Stories!

The Ghost Boy Bridge
Real Ghost Stories, The Ghost Boy Bridge
Ghost sightings, Witches, and Druidic ceremonies?
Could this be the scariest road in America?
Named for the long gone settlement of Clinton, Clinton
Road in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey has
scared more than a few people for decades. Cut through
a heavily wooded area with almost no houses, this road
lets your imagination run wild. Youíll have plenty of time
to muster the courage to travel north on Clinton Road
as the traffic light at Route 23 & Clinton Road also holds
the record for being the longest light in America.
Once onto Clinton Road, get ready for a truly paranormal

Real Ghost Stories, The Ghost Boy Bridge

Near the Clinton Reservoir youíll find a bridge and a sharp
ďdead manís curveĒ. As the legend goes, if you toss a
coin into the water a boy will toss it back. Not terrifying
enough? People also claim to have seen the boyís reflection
in the water. Still other's claim to have been pelted with coins.

Itís not a real Druidic Temple, but rather an iron smelter
left over from the 18th century. The temple story stuck
though, and today itís fenced off to keep all of the ghost
hunters from getting hurt. It is creepy at night and reports
of those having ceremonies around it are not uncommon.

Real Ghost Stories, The Ghost Boy Bridge

Although nothing but the foundation remains today,
a three-story castle-like structure once stood in these
woods. When the stone walls still stood the place was
a hotbed for the Satanic and the occult. Who knows,
maybe it still is, so donít go there after dark...
If the little boy throwing your change back at your face
or the Satan worshipers dancing around the Cross Castle
havenít scared you off yet, let the Ku Klux Klan send you
on your way. Clinton Road has long been known as a
hangout for the Klan ever since the German American
Bund held their little hate-camps in the area.

Real Ghost Stories, The Ghost Boy Bridge

In closing, donít forget all the other creepy things people
claim to have seen on this road. Mythical cross-bred
creatures (supposedly the result of Jungle Habitatís closing
in the 1970's), people dressed in strange outfits
disappearing, and ghost vehicles chasing cars off the road.
All on Clinton Road.