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30 Noveber 2016
What a busy year this has been. I did have a plan of sorts to get a lot done in and around the house that was in need of attention, and I am happy to say that I managed to do much of it. From painting the house, fixing the window trim after a hail storm. Tuck pointing some of the basement. I repaired my dryer downstairs, and I will be working on the washer upstairs very soon.
Now we are on to the Christmas decorating, and I have done (and will do) a couple of videos for you if you would like to see what I have accomplished in that category. This years Christmas theme outside, and in a couple of the rooms inside, is a "Primitive Christmas". Primitive items are easy, and quick to do, and you can't really mess them up because as the name infers...they are primitive. Take a look at the videos below to see what I mean.

13 July 2016
I cannot believe that we are already more than half way
through another year! Wow!!!
I guess I have been doing a lot of things. Lately it seems
as if a plague had descended upon the house. First it was
baby raccoons, and ground hogs getting into the backyard,
digging up the plants. Then tiny little ants, roaches, and
beetles were seen in the house. EEEEK!

I think I have brought an end to all of those infestations.
The raccoons have been the worst to get rid of, but I
bought a Electronic Animal Repeller that is suppose to emit
a sound that they do not like... I just set it up today, so we will
see how that works.

I have also been working on the bathroom upstairs.
Painting, bead-board paneling, tile, and new trim.
I am going for an old Victorian look, of course. As
you can see below, it has brightened it up a little.

Redoing the Haunted House Bathroom Upstairs
Redoing the Haunted House Bathroom Upstairs

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