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...and yet another year is almost over. I can't say that I did as much work on the house this year as last, but I also probably didn't need to. Except of course, for the kitchen woodwork, I still have to do that. Work continues on the basement. I use that as the place to be most creative in the house. So when I feel the need, I work down there. The house is now all dressed for Christmas, even some of that basement... That's the time of year when it looks it's absolute best. I still haven't gotten to expose that third floor window yet, but there is always next year.
The local Christmas show will be this Saturday night, and we have been in rehearsals for that. The play I am in is about a boy who has been placed on the naughty list, and goes to Santa looking for a way off it. Santa convenes a trial for him, and he is defended by Rudolf, and prosecuted by Scrooge. I am Scrooge... It's a funny play, and as always I am looking forward to it. It's just not the same without doing a Christmas show to bring the year to a close.
I have almost gotten here too late. After the run of "Joseph", came the rehearsals for "Deep Into That Darkness" a collection of short stories and poems done as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. It opened last night...which is why I say that I was almost too late. To tell you about it, that is. I am in two of the short plays, and like them both. Of course the one with the larger part I like better. It's "The Cask of Amontillado" and I am Montressor, and the other is "The Monkey's Paw", and I am "the Man". We have another show tonight, and then again next weekend at my favorite haunted theater.
In other life I think that it has rained only 3 times this entire summer. I have mowed the lawn (what there is of it) maybe 4 times. That's it!!! How sad for someone who likes to be surrounded by green.
The Halloween decorations have begun, maybe more so this year than in the past. I have a cool idea for a life like ghost. It is made with gauze and a water glue mixture, and it worked for a head...so if I have time. I did make tombstones. I think it's mandatory. On two of them I put the names of a man and wife who lived in the house in the early 1900's. We'll see if they take notice.
I have cleaned my bathroom...
I think that is quiet a feat considering we have been in rehearsals for JOSEPH for about 2 months, and it's not been raining so my watering job continues, and continues, and continues, and all of the other stuff that had been taking up that extra time has begun to settle down. The show itself actually begins next Friday. Once again it seems that all of the sudden...it's here.
My goal of having more cams uploading at the same time has not materialized, though I am back up to 3 and 2 computers. At one time I was down to 1 and one computer. So, though it is better, it is only back to where I had started. My oldest computer is currently down, and working on that takes time, and waiting for parts...blah, blah, blah.
Fall will be here soon. Another thing that is hard to believe, but there it is. BOOM, another year, better get stuff done...

It's attempting to rain outside. Hopefully it will because it hasn't for a long time, and my yard/garden is showing the effects. Not to mention the fact that watering has began to take up a good deal of my life. The plants just do not seem to grow as much without natural water. I say every year that I am going to put in drought tolerant things, and I do have a couple but if our summers continue like this I'm going to have to find many more...
A few weeks ago we started rehearsals for "JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT". More singing, more dancing, more sweating...there is no air conditioning. It's hot, but I suppose it is a good weight loss plan. Just like last years musical. It goes before the public in August.
I think that the dentist visits will be over soon. The bleaching is coming along, though I usually only do it twice a week, now...it tends to make the teeth a little sensitive. Like when you breath in. I think that I have to go back about 3 more times, and then I could be done for awhile. Then I can go to the eye doctor and up the contact prescription, or at least get some new ones without scratches, and then I could possibly be done spending money for the year. It would be nice. This has turned out to be an expensive year.

What is it you are not suppose to do when you get out of the dentist office...smoke, and what is the first thing that you want to do, and the second for that matter...smoke. I picked this as my summer to take care of every dental problem that I have, threw in the bleaching treatment, and a few other things, and it makes for an irritating summer filled with appointments, and long needles. You have to smoke. In fact I want one now... But one day it will be all better. It is just that, that day is probably months away. Not to mention dollars. Must Smoke!
On the bright I have an apartment that I still have some work to do in before I can rent it again. Oh wait, that's not very bright is it... Seems that, among other things, some termites may have liked a couple places in the floor, and took them with them. I didn't see any actual live termites, yet anyway. So maybe that is the bright side. Yesterday I patched the roof as well as a part of mine at home. The one at home doesn't leak any more (I know because it's raining) so I am hoping the same for the apartment...it could happen... Then there were leftover assorted other problems that it had, but I am getting close to being done. I've had someone waiting over a month to rent it, but I wouldn't even show it to them until last week. I had moved from there myself just 3 short years ago...my, my.
On the very bright side the yard and all of it's plant life seems to have recovered from the very late frost, though the leaves seem smaller this year. The second batch, that is. Luckily it has been wet enough this spring that I haven't had to water that much at all 'cause I sure haven't had the time. Oh, but I did have time to cut out arched windows for the back deck. Just keeping that Gothic thing going.
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