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I should have probably been back before now to say that yes, I was cast in "Night of the Living Dead" as Harry Cooper...he's the guy who likes to stay in the basement. We have been rehearsing for the past month or so, and the show starts this Friday. We are doing it all in black and white (except for the blood), and it looks very interesting...so far.
On the home front I have been working in the basement. Making a bathroom, and putting up various walls. All in keeping with that Gothic theme. I will put up pictures of that when I can.
You may or may not have noticed that I have put up a donation button on the main, and cams pages. This is after the request of several members of the group who have expressed an interest in wanting to help with the expense of maintaining the site, or want me to get better cams, or speedier ones. Or maybe they just want to donate to the never ending house restoration project. I would say that the site probably cost $100.00+ a month to run. Including high speed internet access, maintaining copyright, and domain names, a place for the site etc. Not to mention the work involved with the cams, and stuff. So if you would like to also, I have provided a secure way of doing so through PayPal, who I have used for years to shop on eBay, and have never had a problem. You may specify what you would like it to be used for, and make a request for having given. I will do what I can to fulfill it.
I have reluctantly spent the last 2 days emailing off abuse forms to the host of script kiddies, hackers, and those who just don't want to, or think they should have to pay for their own high speed internet connection...I say reluctantly, not because I hated to turn them into their host, but because it has taken time from other things that I should be doing, but when the connection that I pay for slows down, or the cams are interrupted then I am forced to take the time, and if I have to take the time off to do that then they all get turned in. I don't care if they have only tried it once. Between the router logs, my own host logs, and the firewall logs there is very little doubt left on their the part of their host as to what is going on, and if that is not good enough then I found this little page on the net that has a link to turn them into the FBI...'cause you never know what they are up to, and it is really not up to me to find out, now is it??? Hmmmmmmmm, sounds good to me.
On the "improve the house" front the latest project has been the bedroom ceiling or rather it's non-existent molding...has some now, and Gothic at that. You can see all of the before and after photos here, (so far anyway). It's still a "during" shot so I have to get an after up for you to get the full effect, but you can see what it is that I am going for.
Auditions for "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" were last night, and I have to go back tonight for more reading 'cause I had to leave for work yesterday...I'll let you know how it turns out. Some of you may remember that it was just last year that I had played a zombie in another show.

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I have gotten numerous projects done in and around the house during the summer... Like what, you say? Well the best has to be the restoration of the banister leading to the second floor. I am also working on the walls surrounding it to give it more of a Gothic look. The guy who put up the banister also let me borrow a 50 foot extension ladder so I could finish painting the front of the house, and I now have my own 24 foot ladder so I no longer have to borrow anyone's. I can just do those high projects whenever I want to. I also got to work a little more on the front porch.
I put up a fence on the other side of the property, and built 2 overhangs, and another set of stairs on the back deck just for the heck of it. Busy, busy times. I still have to finish painting that deck, and the stairs, and the overhangs, but not too much left to do there. I also lined all of the flowerbeds in the backyard with brick...gives a neater appearance, and makes weed eating easier, 'ya know. The garden doesn't look too bad considering it has probably rained maybe twice this summer. I also put in 2 stained glass windows. They came from a cottage that was torn down in England...probably as close as I am going to get to the country.
Finally got the bathroom sink hooked up, as well as the stove, yea! The first thing I made was chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of cookies, my total weight loss was 40 pounds...yes, I can now say I have that swimmers build back. Hmmmmmmmm...
The theater group will be picking the show that they will be doing this fall, as well as the one next spring this coming Tuesday. That means that auditions will be coming up soon...it's a good thing.
Well, there are 2 shows left to do for "GODSPELL", and then it is over. The show that I didn't really want to do, but have had fun doing it, and it became part of my weight loss program ('cause of the dancing, and jumping around). 23 pounds so far, and not too many left top go...I'm not one who likes to exercise so this show came about at the right time for me. Besides it's has been a good show to be a part of. As it turns out it is probably a good thing that I did this one because I was going to wait until the summer show, but that will be a children's show...no grown-ups, and I would have had to wait until fall for another to come around. That would have been tough.

As it turns out I didn't get to take spring off from the stage after all. They were doing "GODSPELL", and had a cast member drop out so....there I have been at rehearsals for the past several weeks. Singing, and dancing, and stuff. It is a fun play to be in, and it has had it's benefits. Like the fact that winter had gotten here, and I hadn't lost the normal weight that I usually loose during the previous summer, so I had gained even more during the winter, and that is bad, bad, very bad, especially when you are single. Well, I didn't want to go on stage in front of people looking chubby. So I have given up candy, yes candy. I eat a-lot of it, but not a-lot of normal food, so that was enough for me to loose about 19 lbs. to date, and should be down to 145 by show time (starts next week). No exercise, aside from rehearsal dancing...just no candy. I'm real happy about that, because I was getting up there...weight wise, and it was just going to continue. So I don't have to worry about that any more.
I have started painting the back deck. I had thought about staining it, but with the age of the house I thought painting it would make it look more like a large back porch, and it looks like it will. I would love to have it screened in, but that will have to wait...money, you know.
Just had about $100.00 worth of shrubs and plants show up yesterday, and most of them are now in the ground. That should now take care of all I think I need for the yard, as far as filling it to the idea I had in mind for it. I hope.
I have been like a little tornado trying to get everything on the inside of the house done and/or repaired before spring gets here. I say, before spring, because I know when it gets here I will want to work or be outside from then until fall. So it's either now or next winter, and I'd rather it be now. For the most part the downstairs is done. There is a pocket door that has to have the paint removed from it, and the back of a door, but you can't see those so...... And that nice "popcorn" on the dining room and bedroom ceiling. I would like to think I will do that soon, but it makes so much of a mess that I keep putting it off. The only thing major left to do is have the stairs rebuilt which lead to the second floor. That I am not capable of doing, so I have to find (and pay) someone to do that. I love this house, though, It's become everything I pictured it as when I first saw it, and it has come such a long way. It has taken on more of a Gothic look inside with it's dark woodwork, and my added furnishings...pretty cool.
On the theater front those of us who did the play "M*A*S*H" a few years ago were asked to reunite for a benefit show at the local veterans hospital, and for the most part all did. It also turned into 2 shows at the local theater. So I have been rehearsing for that one day a week, and will be doing that the first and second weekend in March. I don't think that I will audition for anything else until the summer...this time of year just always seems too busy for added extras.
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