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Look at this...only 20 days until Christmas, and next year is 2006. Boy time passes fast anymore. We have the last show of the year on Dec. 10th. It's the Christmas Show and among other acts we will be doing "A CHRISTMAS CAROL", I am sure this is because of acting ability only that I have the part of Scrooge... I love this show, it's so right for Christmas.
On the home front I have starting scraping the paint off the woodwork in the bedroom, and the living room now has it's trim work back again, and is in much the shape as it originally would have been a century ago. A little paint left to scrape, but you can't see it if you are in there (it's hiding in the corners). It turns more and more into the house that I wanted every day. I got an old, old, old radio for the living room the other day that looks like it was born there. It's probably about time for some new pictures. Enough has been done since the last set. I'm also about to finish up the entry way also which should hopefully only take the next couple of days...most of it's trim has been put back into place also. Oh well, enough for now. Happy Holidays!
Well the Halloween show..."BUMPS IN THE NIGHT", of course is over, and it was very, very fun to do. Being a zombie is actually relaxing. You can't really do too much wrong there. And...last night we finished "MIDWICH CUCKOOS". It is a place based on the movie Village of the Dammed, and my favorite part in the show (for me anyway) was the scene with the children where I played music and danced for them. It is my last attempt to reach them, and the last really sweet scene in the show. The town goes to hell after that. It was just a great moment to be on stage. I was very happy with how it worked out.
We have added many new people to the group in the last year, and each more talented than the next. Actually some of them surprised me so much with the combination of youth and professionalism. I think a few of them actually went all the way through rehearsals without ever making a mistake...just amazing. Especially since I usually consider rehearsals play time. It almost made me feel bad...almost.
Auditions for the next, and last show of the year will be this Tuesday...it's the Christmas Show, and always gets you in the mood for the season. Our contribution to the show is to be a one act of "A CHRISTMAS CAROL", slightly shorter than the original...though I personally think with this new influx of people we could pull off the full version and just take over all of the show. Yep.

Auditioned for two shows at once this time, and am in both now... one called "BUMPS IN THE NIGHT", and the other "MIDWICH CUCKOOS". In "BUMPS" I am a zombie (zombie #1), and Drew (who is killed by zombies), and in "MIDWICH" I am Alan Zellaby, and I get to blow up a school and die at the end...not bad.
Almost have the outside of the house all painted, and planted, and in the inside I have started on the big, big baseboard trim in the kitchen, and bathroom...there was none of the original left in those rooms. So, I have to replace it, but at least I don't have to scrape it.
On the "Fest" front...it came and went without much of a notice. I think their drinking crowds were down, which cuts down on the trash, and peeing, and the smell after wards...yea!
As far as my internet connections goes...yes someone is still trying to get into it, but I am letting the provider handle it, I have told them a few of my thoughts, and the rest is up to them...however they want to pursue it is fine with me. Personally I think that someone is going to put them self in jail. Isn't it funny that jail is not a nice place to be, but people always put themselves there. Anyway, I keep them updated on the times it goes out, and stuff, and the new things I have learned here and there. I think at this point they know that if they take care of the problem that they will not have to hear from me anymore...that's a big incentive now.
PETER PAN is now over and I am just another nobody without a stage.....hmmmmmmm. It was fun while it lasted. Except of course for the multitude of kids.
On the home front, I have begun to uncover the old brick sidewalk that was lying underneath the other one. Go take a look at it, and my other work outside if you like. I would like to say that it will be finished in a couple of days, but...you know...it's hot. I have to take up all of the bricks, and raise it almost a foot higher. It would have been about 6 inches higher, but the city replaced the sidewalk that runs along the front of the house, and raised it's level up by about 6 inches....yea...
For the past many, many weeks we have been in rehearsal for PETER PAN and are set to open on the 5th of August at the Historic Miners Theater (of course), and by then I am sure it will be great, but as anyone who has done theater knows...we are in the week before the show, so you can't say much yet.
I have gotten a-lot done in the yard this year. Feel free vo visit the Home-Garden or House Pics links. It's beginning to look more like the picture I have in my little head of what it should be. Many more plantings, and I am very close to finishing painting the house. I haven't uncovered the former brick sidewalk yet, but it is still too hot for that kind of work...it's about a foot under the current sidewalk. For the past 3 weeks they have been working on the street outside. So I am currently living on a dirt road... They say it will be nice when it is done.

The house is coming along, and it's getting warmer outside...who could ask for more. Last fall I put up a fence in the back yard, and Maxwell was very happy about that. He no longer had to have me at the end of his leash, He does have to share it, currently. Though not at the same time...he doesn't play well with others.
The porch railing has been put up, and will be finished as soon as it's warm enough to paint again, and I still have to finished painting the outside of the house, but it get's many compliments, already.
On the down side, I had a fire in one of my apartments last month. It wasn't a huge fire, mostly smoke damage, but it's only now almost ready to occupy again after a month + of cleaning, sealing, and painting. I didn't know that people getting paid could work that slow, but then again it's my first fire experience.
I finally auditioned for a show again...and got cast. Not that I had a-lot of free time, but it was time to get on the stage again, it had been too long. We have been in rehearsals for about 3 weeks, and the show (at Miners) will be in about 2 weeks.
Well, the fact that I haven't put up an update since last may should tell you that the new (old) house has been a-lot of work...see the pictures.
It's looking much better than when I first got here, inside, and out. I even had the energy/nerve to begin painting the outside of it last fall. I didn't get it finished, unfortunately, but I got close. I still love being here very much, and doing the work to restore it. I would say that I have 85% of the woodwork on the first floor done. I have purchased the banister, and post for the stairs (still have to be stained, and put up). and the balusters for the front porch (also have to be painted, and put up).
I have in this month been trying to catch up on the little things you let go when you become preoccupied with big stuff, i.e. getting the taxes ready, cleaning the house (seemed kink of pointless when I would get it dirty every day). Decorating the rooms (that's the fun part), lucky for me I already had a-lot of old things to do that with, and updating the websites. You may have noticed that I gave this site a direct link to the Ghost Cams page, and that page got a new layout. I really believe that I now have the largest ghost cam site on the planet....no I am really serious, I think I do. The group for the site also grows in larger numbers every week. Now if I could just get all of the cams to update at the same time, but I fear that it would take more computers....oh well, we'll see.
Only did one show last year, the Christmas show. That was all I had time for, and barely time for that.
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