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For those of you who haven't been keeping up. I bought a house a little over a month ago, and have been slowly moving things over to it. That is, when I haven't been working on it. If it's not a hundred years old, it's darn close, and some of the people at Tripar (check the links page) have already been there, and said to make sure that I get a cam in the basement, and one of them has heard a little girl giggling. Though the big move to get in may happen today, the cable will not be hooked up until Thursday afternoon. So the cam that is still going will be turned off sometime today. I really like the new house...it's old, it's Victorian, and it's haunted... Lots of space, and spirits, what more could you ask for. See you Thursday.....-david
O.K. here's the question of the day...
Do you know what a compulsive liar is????????????? Yeah, so do I...bothers me more than anything, and for what point? The only one they are hurting is themselves, and what is wrong with the truth...what is so hard about telling it...I don't get it. It makes you not believe anything that would come out of their mouth, even if they told you it was blue, and it was. Where did integrity go, or even self respect. Here's another thought... How far did anyone ever go on lying????????? What good did it bring them?????????
I'd rather have the respect of others, and on the bright side...it's never to late to change. Especially if it leads you somewhere better.
O.K. my rant for the day is over, get back to work.
Really, I think that it would amaze people that I seem to care so much for something that others would write off as a lost cause. I have lots of thoughts, and they are intertwined with each other, and sometimes colliding with each other when they shouldn't, but it's been hard to separate things lately. My mind tells me where to stop, but the heart gets confused....it's weird when I can rationalize what it is I should do, but get lost in the mix....................
If you ask me, and I am sure you have...it's been one interesting year so far... It started out as different, and continues to be just that. I'm really not sure if that is good or bad, but things have changed in my little home. Learning, growing, teaching, worrying, disappointment, wonder, laughter, pride, waiting, impatience (I'm good at that though), hoping, dismayed, wanting, displeased, mesmerized, happy, sad, busy, and very unsure, but helping, and trying to continue in a very honest, unbiased way, and sometimes that is tough...
Having said that, I may also be moving soon, but if it happens, then I'll talk about it. If I do, it too is a very old place...

Things I have done so far this year...
Well, to include the end of 2003 also. I began taking down the drop ceiling in my bathroom because above that was a tin ceiling original to the building. That part I had down, fixed, and painted before Christmas...it took about a week. Then after Christmas I started on the kitchen, and it is now done, and that's as far as it goes...thank God. It was a mess, if I wasn't getting hit by flying bits of rust, I was being covered in plaster dust from fixing the walls, and I had to sweep a-lot, because the dog thought the rust bits were tasty.
Have you ever noticed that about every 7 to 10 years things in your life just totally change, including the people in it???
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