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I somehow forgot to mention the show has started... Many people have worked very hard to create this production of "The Uninvited", and it is well worth seeing if you are in the area. There are only 2 shows left: Oct. 17th, and 18th at 7:30. I think that the most interesting aspect of the play would be that is about a haunting, which just happens to be done in a theater that is suppose to be haunted... Pretty spiffy, huh?
The "GHOST CAMS" are going very well and even had some pictures sent in. I finally had to buy into tripod, because the bandwidth for the free page was exceeding it's limit to often, and that knocks out the site for hours, but all is now well. It's even being mentioned on various message boards about ghost cams.
Remember...see the show if you can, and if you can't, at least wish you had.
Much to my surprise, the show goes on next weekend. Seems like we had more time...oh, well. For those of you in the area, who like a good ghost story, we'll be there for you. Click on the link, and check out the dates.
Things are getting cold outside early this year, and we have had rain, so I haven't had to do much in the garden. I did take out a picket fence on the inside, and put up a split rail. The dog likes it, he can run under it now instead of around, and it's Bulb Planting Time! This year they came from a local store, 'cause they were only $1.98!!! Last year I spent a-lot more from a catalog for blue tulips (among other things), and they turned out to be hot pink... So I figure for $1.98 I can't go wrong.

As is usually the case...I haven't been around for awhile. 'Cause I'm busy, or at least busy enough to not think of anything to write. EXCEPT- I'm in a show. It's called "THE UNINVITED", and it's a ghost story, and the latest offering from C.A.T.S., just in time for October...of course. Other than that I have been working a-lot in, and outside of the home, and setting up an all new cam outdoors in time for the local "fest" which can be seen at night, and can be used for that ever so popular "GHOST CAMS"

Well, last night was the opening night for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, in case I forgot to mention it, and I did. Things have been really busy between rehearsals, helping with the set, work, and trying to keep things watered outside. It left no time to get back here, and talk about the show, but anyway it is also tonight, and July 18th, and 19th, for those of you that are close by, and like uplifting musicals... As well as a few voices that are worth hearing, at least I like listening to them, and I have heard them every other day for weeks. That should say something. So for those of you that are near...it's this weekend, and next, only. Now if I could only figure out a way to do this for a living, rather than what I do do...I can say "do do", right?
If I keep going at the rate I am I should soon become the patron saint of baby birds (if they don't have one already). In the last few days I have taken two out of Maxwell's mouth...alive. Which is much better than last year's birds did. Though I think that it's quickly becoming a game with him. Joseph rehearsals have been fun. I like going in to sing for a few hours every other night (makes the day a much better one). Which is pretty amazing in itself. Lot's of work to do still, like the dancing, but it's been done before. In the "Something New" category...some of the plays that I have been now have picture links.
Since sometime after the first of the year I also began wallpapering. I started in the living room . Then moved on to the entry way . I know...you can't see a-lot of it, but the cam wouldn't stretch, and finally the bedroom which I really like. I am now almost done except for some trim work. Enjoy the pictures...
Well, I am starting to think that I never get here unless I'm involved in a show...and I am. I auditioned, and was cast in "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". We start the rehearsals this Sunday. I have never seen this one before, and don't really know that much about it. So we'll see how it goes.
I have been outside a-lot, of course, and the garden is doing great, but you can check that out most every day on the cam.

Tonight is the second to the last show (M*A*S*H), and so far everything has gone really well. I've had fun playing Henry, and being in the camp. It's not too late to see it if you haven't. It's worth the time.
Spring has just about arrived, and things are springing up (arrr arrr). It won't be long now, and none too soon for the dog. Now he needs lots, and lost of exercise...
It's been a busy month, or so... We start M*A*S*H tonight, yes tonight. Seems like it came pretty fast, but I'm sure it's ready, as long as people don't stay at home and watch the real war... Check out the C.A.T.S. site in the links to see some of the video from a rehearsal. It should be funny.
I've also spent the last month laying tile and painting at home. as well as putting in a new kitchen faucet (old looking of course), and I have mostly finished wallpapering. Unless I decide to do the bedroom, and kitchen. I haven't made up my mind yet
In sad news, my bird passed away on March 8th. He was 17 years old, and I thought he would go on forever. I had raised him from a baby where I had to feed him by hand (that was a mess). He wasn't sick, always looked good, and lively, but I came home that Saturday night after work, and he was laying at the bottom of his cage, I have no idea what happened, but he's gone. I buried him under Adam's memory stone. Adam use to sleep next to his cage at times. Though they didn't get along all that well. Maxwell doesn't seem to miss him at all, but he always pretended that he didn't exist...
Well, I got cast in M*A*S*H*, and start rehearsals this Thursday. I'll be playing the part of Col. Henry Blake, I'm sure you know who that is.
Other than that...life is pretty boring right now. It's cold outside, you know. I have started wallpapering the inside - 2 rooms so far. I'm trying to get it close to that early 1900's look, since the building is late 1800's. I'm still not sure if I want to switch the bedroom and kitchen around. That would be lot's of work, but it would allow me to open up 2 more windows, and I need those. I'll think on that one.
Hey there, new year is going well so far... I have an audition for a play the first part of next week. It's M*A*S*H*, and I'm sure that everyone knows what that is about. Not much else exciting going on besides that.
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