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Miss me??? No word from me since October, huh.
What's up...we are doing a Christmas show this Saturday night...have a rehearsal for it tonight, and that will be it for this year (not that there is much left of it, anyway.
10-11 01
Hi there, just one more rehearsal before show time, so I thought I should get in here and say so. Are we ready...yes. Will it be good...yes. I think that this group must be protected by something. I think that because it always seems that we have to go through a-lot just to put on a show...and that's all I'm going to say.
First, I'm sorry for not having been here for awhile...I did get cast in Dracula, and am currently into rehearsals.
The web cam will be on a-lot this weekend because there will probably be much to see, at least at night. There is the famed fest going on, and this year I'm broadcasting the alley (yea). It's the yahoo web cam on the menu, and the really interesting part will be when darkness falls, but it's a night cam so you should be able to see it...tell me what you think.
Auditions for DRACULA are tonight...surprise, I haven't been here for awhile. Been outside a-lot, working on things. It's summer, you know. Well anyway, auditions are tonight, and I'll be there, but for now I have to go.
Tonight is opening night... After 2 months of rehearsals it always seems to get here so fast, but it looks ready.

Well the play starts this Friday (Alice in Wonderland), and everything seems to be falling into place. Once everyone is in costume it should look really good...can't wait to see that. I spent most of my free time yesterday making mine...at least the furry bits, and with the make-up I think it will look good.
There is a new dog in my house. His name is Maxwell (when I'm not calling him Malcom), and he started out to be just a temp guest. I had told the ARRF (Animal Rescue and Relief) people that I would be willing to be a foster home to a dog while he was waiting to be adopted. I thought that it would be a good way to find out if I would be willing to have another, but they thought that he should stay here instead. I guess I'm starting to get use to the idea. I now have the adoption papers...all I have to do is fill them out. Yeah, I'm sure I will.
So how am I doing...not to bad. I find myself being strong for Adams sake. 1- Because it's the only thing that I can do for him now, and 2- I keep thinking that if I think about him with sadness it will interrupt the transition that he is going through (in the afterlife, you know), because he would want to comfort me. I'm happy in the knowledge that he is becoming whole again, and I can't be sad at that. Those things, and I try to stay busy...there's always stuff to do. So that's how I'm doing.
Rehearsals, by the way are coming right along. Have to be off book by Monday, but that won't be hard to do. We have about 3 weeks to go before show time. See you later.
Adam passed away at 11 a.m. this morning after a valiant fight. His death was peaceful, dignified, and with me here at his side. I couldn't have ask for more. Last Monday at the vets office I told him that I wanted to bring him home for a week to see what I could do, and we did a-lot in that week. They say that dogs know when death is near, when given time to prepare, and I saw that in Adam. If given the choice I would have wanted him to stay, but he had been through to much. So at times during the week I talked to him of the things that he might see. I told him about the only other 2 dogs that I knew well, Lady (a black lab), and Caesar (who looked much like Adam). I told him that they were good, and would take care of him, and not to worry about me. As any good dog would.
This morning I came home from work, and he was breathing extremely heavy, and I knew that it was time. I called mom, and dad and told them that they should come up. After I got off the phone I told Adam that it was o.k. to go, and I wanted him to "run with the puppies". I had told him earlier in the week that he would do that. Then I ask Caesar, and Lady to come help Adam, and let him know that it would be o.k., and show him what to do. Then mom, and dad walked in the door, and he passed away. There are a-lot of sites to help you with the passing of pets. This tells the story of where they go. Rainbow Bridge
I will miss Adam, but I am glad that he was with me. There are much worse places that dogs can end up. There are many dogs, and cats who need homes, and what they give in return far out weights their loss. I would rather remember Adam for all of those other things, and the bite I currently have on my finger (he really didn't want his medicine).
I don't know about the rest of you who have dogs, but I have learned in the last week if they shake your hand at the vets office -it is not good news. At least I don't remember ever having them shake my hand before...
Adam, for those of you who don't know, is my dog of 12 years, and not one to miss a vet appointment if I see the slightest thing wrong with him. He had been going quiet a bit in the last 2 months because of trouble walking. Which turned out to be a combination of arthritis, and torn knee ligaments. The good news was that he was walking pretty good again, the bad news was that they had found a large tumor mass in his liver, as well as several smaller ones... e.i. no operation is going to help. Last Thursday I was told that he had 6 months to maybe a year, if really lucky -2. Today, after he had stopped eating much of anything last Friday I was told that his time had come a-lot sooner. It could have been today, but I was given the 2nd option of pills to stop the vomiting, and an antibiotic to see if I could get him back to eating, and improved health in general. I know that this option is really just for my benefit, and not for his. Just to kind of get ready for the next step, but I'm glad that it was offered.
I'm really trying to not feel sorry for myself, because it was a good 12 years, and he was always there when I needed him. Pets are great for that, and in turn I did my best for him... Just ask anyone who tried to get me to go out somewhere at night. I always had to get home to see Adam, and spend time with him, because I had been away at work, or rehearsals. So I don't have regrets about not caring for him enough. His needs always came first. Which explaines why he has a doctor, and I don't.
Just thought I'd come back and tell you that I am now in "ALICE IN WONDERLAND", as the March Hare. I still don't know what that means, but I was told that I get to go to the tea party!!! I'd say more, but I was just here yesterday.

O.K., so I have not been here for a sometime. Just to bring you up to date...the last play has ended, and I had an audition Tuesday for "ALICE IN WONDERLAND"...yea that means there may be another play to do. I don't think that I have ever read or seen this story so it was a little tough to know what to do when reading. I really didn't have a certain character favorite (kind of like the last play), but I was glad with how the last show turned out, so I don't worry. I'll let you know how it turned out...we should know by tonight.
This spring I had a fence built around the rest of the property, so I could have some privacy, and not have to worry (hopefully) about any "fest" anymore. The "woodlands" outside are doing well. We finally had rain. That's usually all it takes to get stuff moving. I have made two benches, and put out two chairs out now (a first-that means that I can sit outside now). Next up, I think I'll paint the house (mint green). Sounds good anyway.
Boy it's been a while...here's what's going on. The play has about 2 weeks left to go before showtime, and I think that it will be more than ready, and more than funny. That means things are going good.
I put new writings on the page...if you get that far, and as always...tell me what you think...please.
For right now I have to finish laundry before I go to work, so I have to get out of here.
Hi there, on Sunday we will have our third rehearsal, so there isn't too much to say so far. Except for the fact that I am drunk in one part of the show. I think I remember how to do that, and given my line of work I certainly have enough examples... This will be the first play in a while where I don't have to kiss anyone, and I'm sure they are happy for that. Other than that everything's the same.
Yep, I'm in a show...oh happy days. Congratulations to Shelly for getting through yet another casting process...you know that has to be the toughest part of the whole deal 'cause she likes everybody, but it's over now, and we can have fun. I'm really looking forward to be around people who understand the attraction of the stage, again. Not to mention it will keep me out of trouble...and for those of you that I get to see on Monday night...you have no idea how happy that makes me.
Auditions tonight!!! Thank God. That means at 7 p.m. I have something to do, and with other people... It's a big cast, so I'm hoping to be in there somewhere. It seems like forever since we've done anything, and in reality it's probably more like 8 weeks, but that combined with the fact that it is winter is a little too much. Even for me...
If I have time I'll add a new link in the page. You'll just have to go there, and find out who. I better go for now, I'll let you know how it turned out. Probably by Fri. or Sat. we should know.
Just all kinds of new stuff for you. The first has got to be the new page design...I'm hoping that it's going to make it easier, and faster for you to get through. Let me know what you think (through e-mail), and please tell me if something is not working , 'cause from where I sit it looks like it does. You can thank James (webmaster on the C.A.T.S. page) for giving me the knowledge to get it to this point, and speaking of C.A.T.S. (our theater sight)... It has under gone a total make over, and now has pics from not only the current projects, but also archives from the past shows... Please visit it (it's in the "link" page), and you can see what it is that I love so much.
Auditions for the next show...and thank God for that...are going to be Jan. 31 at Miners Theater, in our beautiful downtown. I think they are around 7 p.m. if that's wrong I'll come back and change it. Talk to you soon.
You get a brand new page to start the year, and a few other things..... Let's start out with the one that always seems to be the most important: the web cam (yea) I know that you don't like the slow, if never changing of the picture...so now you have a button below that to try. I'll keep the other 'cause I always have a picture on it unlike the new link. There are 2 new writings to look at...if you get past that web cam thing, though their not exactly uplifting, and the final new thing of the new year...I'm still single, to answer the question that I know has had you all teetering on your seats. Apparently I think that I'm still young enough to not settel for something that wouldn't bring me to a higher level, thanks for caring.

The Historic Miners Theater
O.K. it's 5 minutes to 8, and I have to be at work by 8... I just wanted to stop by to tell those who know me (upclose, and personal like) that no matter what happens today...for the rest of you it's because I got a date...I'd go into detail, but I have to be quick. Anyway, for the last few day's this little voice inside my head has been telling me things, (not to mention coming out in the writings). but we'll see what happens. I don't see it as stopping me from the whole dating thing though...hell, I've come this far. Who knows, I could be wrong....I'll let you know later.....and thanks for asking.

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